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  1. Is there anywhere on the forum where there's a thread that shows and explains all of the abbreviations and acronyms that people use on here?
  2. I can totally relate there. I don't know about the fish in other areas, but the ones around here really like flashy colors (as far as spinning rod/reels and lures goes); so many of the traditional patterns seem "eh" to me... but of course, I'll try the traditional versions first. I've fished in Canada, the North East USA, the Midwest, and of course here in Georgia. By far, the fish in Lake Lanier are the HARDEST to trick into taking a lure.
  3. So here are a few of the flies I've made so far, as well as some of the "frankenstein" flies I've made (using non-traditional materials) I will continue to post any others I make in this thread.
  4. Very good points here. Thank you for the reply. I have started substituting materials for others, as I don't have everything on hand right now. (still working on building my "supplies" stash) Because I'm originally a spin fisher-woman, I've been using my experience with lures and bait with spin fishing to give me ideas for fly tying. Especially with colors to use on flies intended for the trout in the Chattahoochee. Though I have yet to be able to test them out in the river. I've only been able to test in Lake Lanier with the bass, bluegill, etc.
  5. I'm talking combinations of materials that aren't in any recipe or pattern, just throwing things together to see what you get. I've been playing around with different materials found around my home,pets, yard, nearby parks, as well as my craft supply stash. Not many of my "frankensteins" resemble traditional flies or patterns, so I have no clue what to name them.
  6. Hello from Georgia! I grew up fishing as a little girl, and have always loved it. Only recently have I started getting into fly tying and fly fishing. I'm very excited, and hoping to make a little extra $$ with my flies (if I can manage to make suitable enough flies for selling)
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