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  1. I know that the news sensationalizes these storms...but watch out Mike, this one looks pretty bad for central Florida...hope it just passes by!
  2. The Universal 2 was my first serious vise..I still like the simplicity of this vise and the fact that it is a rotary vise.
  3. The snot flies have a vague resemblance to Gary LaFontaine's deep sparkle caddis pupae.
  4. My theory with high end cars is that you can't make them at too high a price...there are way too many people out there with more money than brains - and as soon as one is sold, his idiot neighbor will have to get a more expensive one!!!
  5. flyty1

    Why "Rocco"

    Rocco - I think that is great! My dog passed over 40 years ago and I talk to her all the time. My situation I feel, won't let me keep a dog since it would break my heart to leave my buddy alone all day. I am very lucky to work in a plaace that welcomes dogs - I keep extra special treats for my canine visitors. I even come across someone's pet that really connects with me. It is such a joy these furry friends can demonstrate!
  6. Bass Pro and Cabela's have dual cases for 2, 4 pc 9' fly rods with reels - price is around $50.
  7. Steve - I can tell from your posts that you are letting of lots of the accumulated steam!! Keepup the good work and have fun!
  8. I like the part where I don't see other anglers! The great streams around me get some pretty heavy fishing pressure.
  9. Enjoy a very well deserved rest and relaxation Steve...we all are there with you in spirit!
  10. So glad that you are recovering nicely! Keep up the good work!
  11. Hey Mike - I agree with Dave G...you have a few more years before parts start to fall off! Happy Birthday - how are you feeling these days?
  12. Over the years, I have come to favor small plano boxes - each with hooks by application. I can pull out one of these small boxes when I am churning out a dozen or two of a few sizes of the same type of fly...this works for me but your personal milage may vary!
  13. I hope you have a great time and catch lots of fish!
  14. You can fix stupid! A good whack in the head with a sledge hammer ought to do it.
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