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  1. It is very hard to carry a kit with you to the stream. Most people will bring a small kit with them to where ever they are staying and some materials. That's what I do. I know what the hatches are in my area and am fortunate to know other guides where my property is so I can structure what I bring with me to what I will be tying. You can do the same most fly shops will not have any issue giving you some tips on what's hatching. Another thing to do is get a hatch chat for your area. They are surprising accurate within a two week period. I have a tomahawk bag from Fishpond that carries everything I need and more when I travel or go to a tying night. I can tell you from experience that I will usually carry two rods when fishing private water. One set up with either a dry fly and specific leader for throwing them/sink tip or heavy leader with a streamer and my nymph rod. I only do this on private water where there is no risk of someone stealing my rod that is on the bank. It's a pain to keep up for because I'm very technical and usually stay in the water unless the fish are on reeds. On public water I will not leave anything unsupervised.
  2. I know you here is different grades of feathers, but not sure about flies
  3. I fish for many different species of fish from salt water to cold freshwater streams. From my experience when it comes to I am fishing small streams the reel really does not matter when it comes to fighting the fish. Where a difference comes in is in the weight. I'd rather throw dries with a nice rod and. Jesper feel when it comes to these waters. Next, River fishing I am about the same as a small stream. I like light rods and am a stickler for performance. If I am fishing for stocked fish or in an area where fish average less than 16-18 and I do not need to fishe really fine Tippett I will use any reel. Where I really like a more expensive reel is when I have to fish fine Tippett and I know the fish could pull the slack out and get the, on the reel. To me, the more expensive reels have more slight drag adjustments that help me when I am fighting larger fish. I have property on a private River where your chances at a fish between 24-32 inches is very possible. In those waters I use strong rods and expensive reels.
  4. I have flown Delta, Air Transport and Frontier with no issues. Air Mexico was okay on the way to my destination, then pulled some b.s. On the way back. After being as nice as I could and not hitting the ticket agent over the head with the rod tube; he finally let me carry it on. I typically carry 2 4piece rods in each tube. I will do one tube per person in my group. I have actually carried on everything, but my streamers before.
  5. I picked it up used from a guy on a fly fishing forum in Georgia. It was where I use to keep my tying stuff, not it has all my finished flie, leaders and misc equipment. I payed 45 bucks for it. I like it and will not get rid of it. I saw one similar at harbor freight a few weeks ago
  6. I realize that, but that isn't what I asked. Again, "Does breathability matter FOR THAT PART OF THE WADER WHICH IS UNDER WATER?" Chill buddy, short answer yes.
  7. I'd clean it and look for cracks or cuts in the line. Once you do that you can try treating your line with some floatant.
  8. Thank you for the advise, I will work on it.
  9. Very nice set up. Like the organization.
  10. Been tying my sex dungeons with the Size 2 b10s. I have liked them.
  11. I really enjoy the desk. Wife picked it out for me, but I couldn't imagine tying anywhere else now.
  12. Nice desk. Mine is identical except for the file/book nook on the ends.
  13. Enough deer hair there for a lifetime of spinning.
  14. Very nice desk! Spouses can't complain about the mess when you put the top down.
  15. Why would call him a beginning tier? I have been tying for years. There is some material that will not fit in a desk like that, but if you organize early on, you can fit a lot.
  16. New on this forum, but figured I would show where I do all my tying. Still not enough space.
  17. I really like my OTT Lamps. Great LED lighting and a magnifier built in. Fully adjustable also.
  18. Just a FYI. Dukes is closed this week due to water temps.
  19. Yes sir it matters greatly IMO. I like to hike away to areas on streams that are sometimes 30 minute hikes. Breath ability helps there. Then as stated before you are not always in the water or atleast chest deep. I'd recommend breathable over non breathable any day.
  20. For your price range I would recommend trying on a pair like Mr. Nori mane suggested. And then see how you feel in them.
  21. I really enjoy my Simms G3 waders. They are Gortex and strong. I have had mine for 5 years now and my wife has had hers for 2. My backup waders or ones that I keep at my home away from the mountains are the Orvis Silver Sonic waders. The are not bad and you can get sized right for them with height, how round you might be and the stocking booties all come in different sizes. Sort of like custom waders for fraction of the price.
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