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  1. The kit I got came with 8 and 10 sized wet dry and nymph hooks, I picked up 8 and 10 curved caddis hooks as well as size 8 2xl streamer hooks. I got them that large because I wanted to learn the techniques before I tried it on something small like a 16 or 18. Most likely I'll be hooking into smallish rainbows and smallmouth, but I do hope to go after some larges and steelhead in the near future. My rod is labelled as a 4/5/6,so I assume that means if I swap the spool for one wound with 4wt it'll be OK, if less responsive than a pure 4wt...?
  2. Thanks for all the tips guys! I will be trying out your tips Henrik and artimus! Flafly, is it too much rod for them? I'm in Victoria BC, and have access to everything from bluegill up to salmon and steelhead. (but to be honest I haven't even had a chance to put a hook in the water yet) flytire, how long should they be? They looked long to me as well, I was thinking about 1.5-2x the hook length?
  3. Hey there guys and gals and everyone in between! I'm an absolute noob to all things related to this sport (some will probably say lifestyle, and one day I probably will too) and was hoping to get some feedback, tips, tricks and ideas from some of the more seasoned vets. This last Christmas I was given my first rod, (Redington Path Combo, 6 weight, 9ft) which I have been practising casting on in a field near my house. I was also given a fly tying kit to keep myself busy with. I dove into the "Beginners fly tying" book that came with the kit, but after a few quasi-failed attempts, and a little light googling, I discovered that the Light Cahill was probably NOT the first pattern I should be learning to tie. Since then I've abandoned the book, worked my way through as much of scflytying's beginners fly tying course on YouTube as my materials would allow, and watched a few other ones to try to glean techniques. Here are a few of the flies I've tied, some of which where just experiments to try new techniques, and I have no idea if they look even remotely like any bug on the planet. I do still plan to throw them in the water and see if anything bites. I lost pics of a few patterns I've tied, like woolley buggers and partridge and peacock when my phone died. Thanks for looking, and I appreciate any feedback you can offer!
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