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  1. The hike into the canyon is easy, it’s the hike out that isn’t so fun. But just downstream from where I got hitched and on our anniversary week, it seems right.
  2. Here is what I was working on recently (I hope the pic works)
  3. Gotcha. There an "ear" in the name someplace? cough cough, I don't know what you are talking about, cough cough
  4. Thank you. This was mostly on a Front Range creek in Colorado.
  5. A quick video I put together from my trips fly fishing for cutty's last year in Colorado. I hope you enjoy.
  6. That's a great fly. I love humpies and an adams humpy is even better.
  7. Thanks guys. It's a TFO Finesse 3wt. And yea, most fish under 12 inches you can and should bring in very quickly.
  8. I had that same problem with my Finesse from tightening the reel seat in too tightly. For better or worse, I ended up just gorilla gluing the reel seat back into place the third time it loosened up. No problems since.
  9. Fly fishing for cutthroat trout in small Colorado steams is probably my favorite was to fish. Here is an edit I put together from footage out on just one of those creeks last summer. I am excited for the upcoming season and need to get back to tying to be ready. Hope you enjoy.
  10. I use one of those folding snack/dinner tables. That way, I can store my stuff however and wherever and I can set up wherever I want (even out on the deck if I want to). I just load the table up with whatever I need for the set of flies I am working on and clean it up afterwards.
  11. 3 wt, TFO Finesse. My typical go to rod, but a 2 wt would be a lot of fun here too. Except for the wind that day.
  12. Fishing a little creek here in the mountains just north of Fairplay and Alma, Colorado Small, but colorful and lively brook trout.
  13. Wonderful. Can't wait for the spring and summer seasons to start.
  14. Barr's Hare Copper and Holly Grail Caddis
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