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  1. I was given the creel for christmas so I haven't really tried it out. I have been trying to cut down how much I drag to the river with me and condense things. We will see if this works. I also like having the camel back.
  2. I am interested as well in the Grade A let me know the details.
  3. Tricos Tricorthodes stygiatus The white curse
  4. jfink

    More b-days

    Have a good birthday guys and take her easy
  5. Nice tie. I really like how small the head is.
  6. That's awesome Chevy Chase
  7. coffee or tea in the morning bombay on the rocks with a few olives at night Strohs is still around i saw 30 packs of it a few years ago Mickeys in the grenade looking bottle are pretty cool too
  8. Light cahill stemonema ithaca seems a little late though in the season
  9. jfink

    Walleye Chowder

    Hey thanks John. This recipe is great. Highly reccommended.
  10. I'm relocating from Michigan to Wisconsin next week. I was just offered a job west of milwaukee so I'm looking for a little direction as well. I will have to definitely brush up on my spring creek fishing. Haven't done it since I lived in Minnesota a few years ago. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Justin
  11. Hey Jim I have been trying to get a hold of you I still haven't received my hooks yet. If anyone knows how I could get a hold of him I'd appreciate it. I tried email but haven't heard back from him. Thanks Justin
  12. Great looking fly. Do you fish yours or are they for display?
  13. Welcome to the site Dale plenty of info and good humor.
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