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  1. Can anyone around the St Augustine,FL area tell me the top 5 patterns & colors? Going down in May want to do a little fishing. Surf,inshore & offshore Thank if you can help!
  2. Not as good as you guys but I will keep trying.
  3. Merry Xmas to you! Nice lookin fly ! Hope I can get some posted this coming year.
  4. Boy you make it look so cool !
  5. Can anyone tell what's a good DvD or book for Realistic fly tying . Thank!
  6. Can anyone tell me how to find Graham's Insect wings tutoring?
  7. One more thing how do you get the tennis rack pattern?
  8. Hay thank buddy! I am new so may be calling again on how to do this !
  9. Were can a guy get this cling film I would like to try it & can you color with any marker?
  10. New to the forum but I can see you guys do some real good work hope I can hold my own with you guys! Glad to be here!
  11. Nice job! look to be a killer bait good job!
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