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  1. I use dvd cases, fits in bubble mailer
  2. hahaha this is to funny went to buy a bunch and they are all out of stock, I figured 4$ a 100 was to good to be true. why even advertise it I just ordered a bunch from togens fly shop instead.
  3. thanks utyer and dave g.im going ahead and ordering a shit load of hooks, at that price if I don't like them im sure I can find some1 who will take em from me.
  4. thanks for the answer utyer, but you say same size as an r50. did you mean size 14 or 16.also that you say its fine wire, are the hooks still strong enough for 10 lbs fish or the standard r50 is better for that. I know im being cheap but 100 hooks for 4 $ compared to 21$ locally sounds to me almost to good to be true.
  5. I was looking into buying hooks and found this website who sells these 94838 for 4$ a 100,they also sell the r50 for 8$ a 100 but they don't have the size I want in the r50. i'm buying r50 for 5.25$ per 25 locally. so heres my ? what is the difference in length 94838 to r50? just wondering if I get lets say size 14 94838 be like a size 16 r50? thanks for all input
  6. thanks, everyone. I decided to just order my thread online.will probably go with 8/0.theres more material I need anyways. will make a list and order on. joey
  7. first off I would like to say hi to everybody. great site, i've learned lots already. ok here we go, i'm from the Yukon and the only place I can get supplies is at Canadian tire or wall mart (ouch). the only color fly tying thread I can find is black. but I went to a local sewing shop and they have pure silk thread #100 in a 200 meters bobbin that fits just right on the bobbin tool for 6 bucks.all colors needed. I know I can order online but why if its around the same amount once landed here.i mostly tie size 12 to 18 dry flies.u guys think this is a good option or I should order my thread. ps I did buy a spool of white and didn't notice much build up on a size14 and 16 hook. also noticed its much stronger. thanks, Joey
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