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  1. I have just started tying some flies and I really enjoy it. I've tied rabbit zonker streamers, woolybuggers, beetles, inchworms,etc. I can't seem to work with 70 denier olive thread though. Any tips on that?? Can't wait to see if I catch anything on them!
  2. Looked at the Rite Bobbins. They are about 20 dollars, but people say they are well worth it.
  3. What thread should I use for beginning fly tying? Some people say to use 8/0 Uni and some Flymaster 6/0 waxed. Should I use 6/0?
  4. Ordered my fly tying gear. Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Kit, nice rotating vice, ceramic bobbin, whip finisher, dubbing, krystal flash, scud back, and a trout fly book. Can't wait to get started. I bought cortland magnifying glasses that go onto my glasses. Just worried about all the up close stuff. It seems like it will be tough to work on something like scuds. I am just excited to tie my first fly. I'm thinking about the wooly bugger. Any tips?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Can't wait to get fishing again!
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I have been looking for materials on ebay also. I think i'm going to get the kit for the tools and upgrade as I need. Can't wait to tie my first fly!
  7. Hello everybody. I have been fly fishing for a short time and I have been noticing that fly's are getting quite expensive. I'm looking to start tying my own, and am looking for a good fly tying kit that will last me a while and a good fly tying book Thank you!
  8. Hi everbody. I have been fly fishing for about a week and my floating fly line is sinking. Should I cut or just put new fly line on. I'm not sure if its the whole thing though.
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