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  1. My 11 year olds first flies. His very first fly I got stuck on some structure at a pond fishing for bass and broke it off. Pretty bad dad fail.
  2. Been working on a strong arm merkin. Getting there.
  3. I mainly got it because I always though they looked cool. But they do pole pretty quiet. No mud bar takes a lot of drag and splashing away too. Ive been going through a retro phase. I got an old style Diana whisker SS reel and spooled it with mono. Only use bucktail jigs on it. Caught a solid trout on it the other day. Was a lot of fun.
  4. Can’t find a name, but here’s the guy who I got it from. http://www.redchaser.com/
  5. Not sure. Weather sucks here today. Ill see if I can find the name and start tying them up.
  6. I can whip up a batch of these for you guys. Theyre mainly good for larger reds on a 9 weight. I could tie them smaller for an 8 weight if you need.
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