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  1. Hi, I must try those wings Thanks, lambert63
  2. Nice one, will try most certainly. Where does the name originate ? Tight lines, lambert63.
  3. Hi FlaFly, Thanks for the pointers on how to upload pictures, #4 is edited and pictures/thumbnails attached. Tight lines, lambert63.
  4. Hi FlaFly, Here is the first Rainbow I caught last year in October whilst on holiday in Denmark, in a Put-and-take pond. I hooked it on a yellow tungsten bead nymph #16 I tied myself, I left the fly on the bottom for some time, and I think it was mistaken for a blob of yellow trout dough the spin fishers where dropping everywhere. This spring I caught a similar size Rainbow on a reservoir in Belgium. The following is a Brown trout which I caught in 2013 on a Corixa #12 imitation given to me by a neighbour, this time in a brook in Denmark, again while on holiday. Here in the Netherlands wild trout are rare or in syndicate water. The best we can do is go to Belgium or Denmark, the day-tickets for rivers there are very cheap and there is the odd chance that you might catch Salmon or Sea run trout on these brooks/rivers. And the Danish are a very relaxed and friendly people. The fly tying thing is a 18 months or so old hobby I picked up because at that time tying flies myself and catching fish with them seemed more rewarding for me than buying flies. So I bought a Danvise for EUR 80 and some materials and started tying. I sometimes buy the very smallest flies #16 and smaller, because of poor eyesight. Tigh lines, lambert 63.
  5. Hello all, I'm a beginner (18 months or so) at fly tying and I hope to find some tips and tricks to get me flies better looking and more attractive for fish. So far I only caught stocked brown trout and some rainbow trouts by accident ;-) Tight lines, lambert63.
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