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  1. Hey ap! Check out the "Joom" heads... its a foam product of Rainy I think... I threw out the packaging. I've done some divers using that head - both standard and articulated - that have worked out pretty well. The head is hollowed out... basically a quick and dirty (and durable) Dahlberg Diver. They might save ya some time with the Dremel?
  2. I'm a life long fly angler native to, and still living in South Florida. I spend the majority of my spare time paddling old style canoes, camping, and flyfishing in the far-back mangrove areas of Everglades National Park and other areas along the SW coast of Florida. Professionally I am an environmental chemist. I'm also a Florida Master Naturalist and certified MCI by the IFFF. For over ten years now, I've been giviing free fly casting lessons at the local outdoor store. In the not too distant future I hope to retire from most of the above... except the flyfishing, of course.
  3. As a few folks have said already, adding eyes makes that bunch of material look more like a baitfish... to me. Whether the predator cares or not I'm not sure... but - I fish a lot with a pattern that is supposed to look like a finger mullet. Sometimes I want it near the surface, someties not. So to some I add lead wire for weight. They all look alike in the box. So... I use different colored eyes to code; red for weighted, white for unweighted. In this case I would say that eyes definitely help me catch more fish.
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