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  1. I do have some time on my hands due to lack of work. I have been fishing the matsu area, but I'll try and make a run down to upper kenai in a couple of days. Don
  2. Sorry K_C no I dont work for Kodiak fish and game. I'm out of anchorage. You live in Kodiak?
  3. I was wondering if anybody has a good scud pattern? Also I have been out fishing the last couple of days and the temp has been between 15 and 20 degrees and I have been having problems with my eyes on my pole freezing. I was wondering if anybody has a remedy to stop or slow the formation of the ice on the eyes. Thanks Don
  4. Thanks for the information it helped alot. Don
  5. My interest in spey rods has been going on for sometime now and I think I am going to buy one now. I was looking either at a TT or a Sage. It will either be for trout or salmon I'm not sure yet as to what weight. I was wondering if anybody uses a spey rod or what people have to say about them. Don
  6. Wow it has been a long time since I have asked anything on this board. I quess it could have been I was in Alaska and didn't have computer access since last spring, but now I am back in Montana and the ice is thawing and I have a couple of months off and I have been tying up a bundle of flies and am getting bored of tying the same dozen patterns. So I decided I wanted to increase my variety. Before I go out and start fishing. So I was wondering what everyones favorite trout nymph is? Thanks Don
  7. I have been buying whole rabbit hides for awhile and used to cut them using a vise, But I built my own device to hold the rabbit hides and am now patenting it. To cut them I usually use a razor blade or X acto knife, and have been looking at the rotary cutters they use for quilt making and cutting fabric. As for dying rabbit furs; I have done some, with mixed results. I have heard of people using kool aid for rabbits also. I mainly tried veniards dye. Alaska_King
  8. I tried dyeing some rabbit pelts but had problems with them shrinking to half their size and after they dried they became stiff as peanut brittle. Anyone have any ideas why it did that? Alaska_King
  9. I dont have a vise for them. I have a grifffin odyssey vise. What kind adapters are they? How much can you get tubing for? Would a somewhat stiff sleeve material made out of fiberglass and silicon work?
  10. I was looking at some tube flies and was wanting to tie some up for steelhead and salmon in alaska and was wondering if anybody has some patterns. Also I was wondering what size of tubing I should get and where could I get some. I went to a local hardware store but all they had was 1/4'' tubing. My local fly shop can get some but it is so expensive for a limited quantity and it takes him forever to get the material shipped. For example my cousin ordered some rabbit furs and has been waiting over a month. Any help would be appreicated. Alaska_King
  11. Personally I'll never use Mustad's again, Require to much sharpening for the fishing I do. I use Targus, Gamagatzu, or Dai-Riki, These dont dull nearly as fast mustads.
  12. I was looking at vises on the internet and came across the Dingo Vise and was wondering if anybody has ever seen or used these vises before. If they have used them what are there comments about them? The website for the dingo vise is http://members.ozemail.com.au/~bjrodg/. Alaska_King
  13. I am fishing up in alaska for King salmon.
  14. I was wondering if there was anybody out there could tell me what the tensile strengths for fly line are?
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