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  1. What if eyes are the difference between a strike and a nose up? I've watched Largemouth follow my fly (no eye) to the boat and turn tail at the last minute. I have never caught a red but have had some nose down to my fly but not hit (probably my doing for sure). I used to not use eyes at all, but would tie some wicked baitfish imitators. Since I have used eyes, dumbel eyes at the least, I have noticed that my hook-up rate has increased. I also probably tie suck flies. I have always been taught that any predator, fish or bird, will eat from the head down, due to fins. I have never had a fish hit a live baitfish from the tail, not that it doesn't occur. I always wonder why red fish have an eye spot, because only sharks, dolphins, and large birds prey on adult sized. I sometimes think that this is a reverse role, that bait fish will see the eye spot and instead go toward the mouth. But that is why I am in school!
  2. Thank you all for the pictures and comments! A few more thoughts that went through my head before I read any of y'alls posts were regarding my knot. Mike, I'll try to exact your panfish fly instead of just going off on random tyings to see if that makes the difference, at least until I can get a hang of it. I will for sure keep trying though. And I feel like I have seen those Daiichi hooks around here. I don't even know the type of hooks for most of what I have. Much appreciated, Jake
  3. Hello all, I have been tying for some time now, and am finally getting to the point of being happy with what I am tying. I tie mostly bait fish patterns. Cannot do a good bug to save my life, but Texas sunfish aren't terribly particular. Anyways, I'm sure this is asked daily, but how do I get the hook to ride point up? I have tried shifting the weight to either side, and tying upside down, but in the water the fly immediately turns hook down. I know it has something to do with the density and buoyancy of the material, but I have tried it in all ways I can with my skill set. The only thing I have not tried is using an actual tapered leader and tippit set up. As said, being from Texas means I can get away with fly line to mono to fly. Thank you for the help, Jake
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Jake and I am a student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. I have been tying in and out for a few years now but since enrolling here, where the San Mo river is a mile away, I have taken up tying and fly fishing completely. My conventional gear has been stored in the garage since mid August. I tie mostly for freshwater but I have been exploring the options of salt because the saltwater grass flats are four hours away. Being my first post and not knowing the picture details, somewhere in these three are a micro-shad tied on a size 8 mosquito hook, an articulated mullet (my first one and first with the fish skulls, never could get it to sit right), and then just a regular shad that could be intermixed fresh and salt. I by no means am good in any sense of the word, but Texas fish would bite a hook with thread if presented the right way. I of course have more clousers than know what to do with, but these fish masks were awesome! I currently am in the market for some shrimp and crab patterns for the salt. I believe I'm dead set on the Ultra Shrimp, but any beginning crab patterns would be great to know. Thank you all for reading and viewing.
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