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  1. Michos, I collect my own feathers, but not from road kill unless I have seen it get killed. I'm no germophobe but I've seen way too many zombie apocalypse movies to be grabbing things from the road when I don't really know how they died. Same for random dead birds I see everywhere when hiking. I do have buddies that hunt and trap and when they kill something they call me and I go harvest what I need and freeze it for a month. Freezing the stuff only kills like lice and fleas but not disease/viral stuff. I've sometimes think about taking my daughters animals or whatever and if she hasn't been playing with it for awhile use some of the hair and what not from that (father of the year I know). A few of her My Little Pony animals have bright and sparkly synthetic hairs that could come in handy one day.
  2. Flytire, those were the hooks, however, when I went back to Walmart they were not there anymore. I did run across an Eagle Claw Rotating LIghtwire panfish hook. It's S shaped with no barbs on the back of the hook shank. Similar to the one below. It is hard to see the S shape to the hook but its there. I followed a rather simple pattern of using Tan 70 thread on one of these hooks and put in just a small amount of Olive dubbing. The tail I think are two pheasant feather tips just to give the impression of it looking more like a bug. The scudback is a piece of plastic ziplock bag as you suggested. It was hard to tie this in, maybe because I have no experience with it. The ribs (if you can call them that) are just thread. Below is the end result. Any suggestions or criticism on this "Green Scud" would be appreciated.
  3. As of now green scuds. Those seem to be the go to fly around here throughout most of the year. That's why I was wondering about those hooks from Walmart. The small curved ones almost seem perfect for what I'm after and with some dubbing and scudback the back barbs shouldn't be an issue.(?)
  4. FlaFly, I am aiming for trout and wanting to tie for trout. I'm not looking to tie advanced flies. I've been to the Flyanglersonline.com site and checked out the info. I have basic fly tying techniques that I'm using now I just had questions about hooks and thread so far. I'm on this forum to get insight like Dave's letting me know that I can use those hooks for certain flies. In some of my pictures up there I have used some of these basic techniques such as dubbing and using scudback and tying on multiple materials at once. Just looking to ask some random questions I have yet to find the answers to on various sites.
  5. Mike, it's not that I don't like panfish or bass. Crappie fishing is my favorite. Around here trout are starting to be stocked in streams and what not and I wanted to begin my trout fishing trips this fall. When it begins to snow and get super cold then i'll transition to crappie. I'm not opposed to making flies for crappie, but the crappie in our lake are mainly around docks, not something an amateur such as myself feels like snagging a lot on a fly rod, so i'll stick to an ultra light. I can barely cast a fly rod 5 feet In front of me so targeting large bass and crappie are not in my near future. I still would not be opposed to hearing your comments on bass and crappie ties though. I guess I can practice on that stuff while working on building an arsenal to go trout fishing with.
  6. Dave, I am only interested in trout flies for now as it is something I do not do often but plan to in the very near future. We do have quite a few stocked and natural creeks that support trout, which is something I enjoy doing. Hiking and floating down creeks and trout fishing and camping along the shore is a lot more entertaining than taking the boat out to catch bass. I don't care for panfish (bluegill and such) as they are stupid easy to catch anyways and around here it doesn't matter what is on the hook they'll usually eat it. As for bass I use typical lures/jigs for them. I only plan on making flies for trout as that is what I am aimed for. I'm still new to fly tying and was just looking to buy bulk hooks that are "usable" and that's where the question of the bait hooks came in. Thanks for shedding some insight on that. I may have to try it for some streamers/worms since I don't think it will effect them too much. Also the thread as the craft store varies. They have some that are 100% polyester which is what I was leaning towards. There are cottons ones there but I know to stay away from them.
  7. Hey guys and gals. I am new to fly tying and just wanted some opinions/advice. I've only been fly fishing once and that was last year. Since then I've been dying to go back. I just tying my own flies last week. I bought some crappy starter kit and material kit. It was cheap and I wanted materials to use for practice so I am not worried about the low quality materials. I have a multitude of questions and concerns and would like to start getting some answers. I try to find all the information I can on my own, however, I am running into some questions I cannot find the answers to. As far as hooks go; I live in an area that does not do much trout fishing at all. The nearest trout stream is 3 hours away so I do not have the luxury of finding a surplus of hooks and materials. We do have a craft shop nearby that sells tons of feathers and materials and thread that I cannot wait to get ahold of. When it comes to hooks, does it matter what hook I use? I know this is a rather stupid question but since I do not live anywhere near that sells trout hooks, I'm forced to look at Walmart if I want something quick. The smallest hook they have is a size 8 panfish/crappie hook. My concern with these hooks are that they seem heavy, unless I plan on making nymphs and wet flies or whatever, and they have barbs along the hook shank which could tear my thread and materials. Are there any good options? Or just settle for driving a few hours away and spending $300 for 10 hooks at Bass Pro? Since this craft shop I live near has thread, is it safe to use for fly tying? It does seem rather thick compared to the 140 and 70 thread I have now. The associates there had no idea how to gauge thread either. I'll be posting some pictures of the flies I have tied this week and the techniques I'm using just for the practice. The flies look horrible but the point is to practice until I can make awesome looking flies. I am open to any and all criticism; good or bad. Thanks!
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