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  1. Pattern: Don's Personal Bulldog Hook: Mustad size 6 2xh/4xl streamer Thread: Uni 6/0 black weight: .020 lead, round, or equivalent, 25-30 wraps, doubled over, start at 1/2 shank length and wrap forward, leave at least 1/4" space to hook eye, use .035 if you wish just fewer wraps tail: spirit river UV2 marabou, light rust, strip both sides of quill and combine with tip, my variation includes a small amount of UV2 fluorescent orange marabou hackle: combine orange grizzly bugger/saddle, and olive grizzly bugger/saddle, tied so that the orange is behind the olive as it is wrapped forward body: medium, olive pearl chenille, use UV chenille as an alternate if desired wire: large copper wire counter-wrapped to the hackle head cement the tapered thread head This is a fly used by Don and Dale Freschi from "Sports Fishing on the Fly", that they have had a lot of success with on the Columbia River and other locations here in BC. I'm tying about 20 of these as part of my Christmas gifts for some friends and family.
  2. Two of the Grand Masters of SciFi. I Grok as well. The TANSTAAFL ref was hard to mis(tress).
  3. Mike, are you by any chance a fan of Robert Heinlein?
  4. Thanks Bob, I tried the bucktail and marabou and it works quite well! Watching the jig during retrieval, the marabou flared outwards on each pause, looked kind of similar to some video I've seen of octopi swimming/jetting slowly. Before, on previous ties, the marabou didn't flare outwards at all.
  5. Here are a few of my favourites of other people ties that I have made. I'm still trying to refine my setup for taking photo's of my ties, so please excuse me if they aren't too great. 1) Don Freschi of Sport Fishing on the Fly, Don's Personal Bulldog 2) Don's Gunslinger Chironomid These next four are all from John Kent, 3) Midnight Fire Parklands Leech 4)Pumpkinhead 5)Army Truck Chironomid 6)Green Hornet Chironomid
  6. I have tried the palmering technique on the first batch of twitching jigs that I tied, it was listed in the instructions for that tie (used 2 or 3 nice bushy pieces for each one), they looked great when tied, but it just doesn't seem to make much difference, still get a slim profile even after getting them totally soaked. That includes a pause between each twitch. That is why I want to try that body braid. There should be enough room on the jigs for a couple of flares to hold out the palmered marabou. As already mentioned there is nothing wrong with experimenting.
  7. I mainly want to use it on some twitching jigs I'm going to tie for coho fishing. The jigs I tied last year using the patterns I found, do tend to become too slim in the water, the description of their use calls for them to "pulsate" in the water. The tests that I tried of observing the jigs close to the boat showed that they didn't open up at all, and so did not "pulsate".
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I didn't see a specific subforum for posting pics of my ties, so until I hear otherwise I'll put some here. First two are from 2013, my first try at chum fry flies, and the fish I caught on one.
  9. That's the stuff! Thanks flytire. I'll have to see if I can find this locally, before buying online. But at least now I wont have to fool around with some hollow braided string that I found, that is probably way to heavy for this.
  10. I recently found a webpage with a video on how to get your marabou to flare out better on flies and jigs. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark it. Has anyone else here seen this? The technique involved using a hollow braided material that you slid onto the hook, tied it down at the end towards the bend, pushed the material back over itself to form a sort of cone, and then tied down the section in front to hold it in place. I think that there was also mention of using some glue or other similar material to help hold the folded-back section in place. I'm probably going to go ahead and experiment with this anyway, but I would like to see it again to cut down on false starts. Thanks
  11. Greetings all! I have been tying jigs for salmon and steelhead fishing for about 10 years, and tying flies for trout, steelhead, and salmon, for about 5 years. Most of my fly fishing is done from my pontoon on smaller local lakes for trout, usually just dragging the flies around behind me. I also walk and wade local rivers, and take my 16' Harbercraft Falcon out on the Fraser and other local rivers, lakes, and out into the harbour for saltwater fishing. My success rate on catching isn't high, but that's why it's called fishing. I look forward to discovering what I can learn from this site, and hope to be able to contribute help and info where possible. Thanks, Klownfish (Steve)
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