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  1. can anyone help me find some thread uni neon 1/0 orange thanks gary
  2. www.jimsflyco.com he sells cree from whiting farms and it is great stuff i bought some last summer
  3. they are actually two different materials and the antron is a porous open cell fibre and the zlon and ep fibers are a closed cell. and i agree the fly floatant works well with the antron, and doesn't hurt on anything
  4. actually antron will absorb water where zelon won't. i use z-lon, ep fibers, poly yarn, and rabbit feet. the zlon, ep fibers won't absorb water
  5. big town of ririe idaho. the southfork reach of the snake river in back yard :headbang:
  6. i have a friend from japan who sent me the kit about a year and a half ago. it is a fun tool very usefull in other aspects as well. i couldn't tell you where to get one as the packages mine came in are all written in japanese. i was fortunate enough to have them show me how to use it.
  7. welcome to the sickness. everyone is giving you great advice. try looking at some of the websites with step by step instruction it will help out alot. one of the best is www.flyanglersonline.com let us know if you need help. and what you need
  8. i use a renzetti master for salmon flies, renzetti travelor for dry flies, and i use my nor-vise for everything else.
  9. go to whiting farms web site and it will explain all about it
  10. i agree with jim reed as well he is an amazing tyer. i have learned most of my deer hair tying from him. he is a true gentleman. and fun to drink with on the streets of bozeman montana
  11. gretchen beaty she is a very nice lady, and a wonderfull fly tyer. i enjoy listening to her at the tying demonstrations.
  12. everyone is giving great advice. one more little tid bit of info small tapered body small at the tail and taper up to the thorax. may flies are small look at some on the stream. take half of what you think it takes and then cut it in half again other than that it looks great can't wait to see more best fishes g :headbang:
  13. polar fibre streamer great material
  14. bwo emerger pine squirrel streamer soft hackle nymph gun metal pt
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