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  1. It looks involved but fairly easy tie. Learned from a DVD by Herman.
  2. Timijin

    C&F vise

  3. He is doing well. He is taking care of his parents that are both over a hundred.
  4. Yes, been there a couple times You are right, talk about a candy store. I could easily spend a couple hundred without blinking. I miss when he would have demos during the winter. It was also a time to see friends. I've known Garcia for a long time. He is what I call a "gentleman's, gentleman". Fortunately, I still communicate with him.
  5. Yes, he was forced in to retirement. Yes, I met Garcia when he was still at Charlies.
  6. Unfortunately, Garcia didn't retire but someone wanted his job. He built most of what the tying section has become.
  7. The advantage of the JS is that you can adjust the distance of the cradle to the head of the vise. It may not mean much now but there will be times when you need to hang not only bobbins but also materials from the holder. Also, if your bobbin is that far from the head of the vise you will be constantly shortening the amount of thread you will have out of the tip of the bobbin. The least amount of thread that you have will save you time and increase you efficiency.
  8. Buy the JS. Buy a 36" SS 1/8" rod(?) and cut it to the length you want. Strip off the actual "cradle" and put it on your new rod. OR Bend it to shape. https://www.fishusa.com/Regal-Bobbin-Holder?quantity=1&L-Model1=8135&msclkid=eb24ba756b4418715d41db2aee9905a1&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ECI - Google Shopping - Fishing Accessories %2Fcombos%2F Fly Fishing%2FWading&utm_term=4584551177480351&utm_content=All Products
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