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  1. A friend of mine who says he catches gar just directed me to this video - looks convincing. Im going to give it a shot.
  2. Anyone have a favorite that's proven to catch gar? We sure do have a lot of them here on the lower Colorado...and while we are at it, we have TONS of carp as well. Ive heard of people fly fishing for carp and have seen some of the carp flies but have never actually seen anyone catch one. Does anyone here have experience actually catching carp on flies? The last time I was out fishing we had a huge school of them come hang out underneath our boat. We dangled a carp fly among the bunch but they paid no attention...though it was mid day and they seem to be far more active in the late evening/night.
  3. What size veevus thread would you typically use on bass wooly buggers, poppers, crawfish etc? 8/0? 10/0?
  4. Haha. Love it. Much to my wifes dismay, our freezer is already stocked with roadkill fox, squirrel and beaver hide along with plenty of deer. So at least the hair portion of my kit is well covered. Ill keep my eyes open for unfortunate raccoons on the way to work. Ive got a flock of chickens in my backyard. Anyone collect their own feathers? Also, I live 15 minutes from a Cabelas but have just been assuming that the price for their materials was higher than most online outlets. Am I wrong? are they reasonably priced in store?
  5. Thanks for all of the great info! As for thread, I assume that thread for fly tying is the same as general sewing thread, right?
  6. Im assuming that its generally cheaper to buy materials online than at places like Cabelas or Orvis. If so, what are the best sites to buy from? I'll be tying a lot of poppers and woolly buggers so popper heads, shimmer, saddle hackle, chenille, etc. Thanks!
  7. Many thanks for the help! Given that ive never tied a fly before, im not sure that trying one out would give me much perspective. Sounds like the Apex would be a good bet though. Any thoughts on the Crown rotating vise? Im sure its not as high quality as the Apex given the price but it sure does get decent reviews for a $50 vise (http://www.amazon.com/Agesus-AGS-8173-Crown-Rotating-Vise/dp/B000PFZVTA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1443899648&sr=8-4&keywords=fly+vise&refinements=p_72%3A2661618011). Im a dedicated fly fisherman though and doubt that fly tying will be a short lived hobby of mine....so, in your opinion is it worth it to spend the extra $40 on the Apex?
  8. After reading through all of this and taking into account my price range, it seems like my best bet for me would be the griffin spider or the anvil apex. Seems as though the Renzetti Traveller would be the way to go but, given that its an extra $75, maybe not be worth it for a newbie who could use that extra cash on other tools/supplies. If you had to choose between the griffin spider or anvil apex, which would you recommend (I will be tying more bass flies than anything else)? Or is the Renzetti traveller worth the extra cash even for a newbie on a small budget?
  9. I should add that, for me specifically, I will be tying a lot of top water poppers and wooly buggers as I live in Texas and fish primarily for bass. I take a trip a few times a year to fish for trout or salt water reds but I think it would be wisest for me to spend money on a vise that is good for tying bass flies.
  10. I came to this forum to ask just this question, thinking "I bet this question gets asked ALL THE TIME." Glad I saw this thread before I started a new one. Perhaps this has also been asked many times but here goes anyways: Ive heard many people say "invest in a good vise," without giving their opinion on which one to get. Given that the vise is the most important and expensive tool, and there are MANY to choose from, which vise would you recommend in the $50 - $175 range? Ive already jotted down the Renzetti Traveler. Many thanks for your advice and patience with newbies like me.
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