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  1. Thank you , glad you liked them
  2. Here is some new flies from my vice
  3. Here is another spey fly from my vice tied on a Alec Jackson spey hook size 3/0
  4. Thank you , No, I have not tried them on other species but believe that the small spey flies certainly work on other species. I have always enjoyed spey flies and like the low sweeping profile, and they are fun to tie and beautiful flies try to tie some, and you can use marabou, schlappen hackle, ring.neck pheasant, blu eared pheasant etc. But if you tie on bigger hooks you need longer hackel like heron, blue eared pheasant (substitute) rhea (substitut) mm
  5. Here is on little double hook spey fly from my vice Body: red silk and black seal fur Rib and tag: silver tinsel Hackle: died phesant black and teal
  6. Here is another spey fly I have tied on a Alec Jacksson hook size 1.5. I have used gray heron to the hackle and brown mallard in the wing and de body is slf gray dub whit oval and flat silvre tinsel.
  7. Here is another pattern I tied, spey style on one Alec Jacksson spey hooks size 1.5 I use gray hackle to the wing and burned schlappen to hackle.
  8. Thanks, yes its god colors and my favorite too
  9. Someone who knows about a good supplier of blue or white eread phesant skin?
  10. I have changed my place now where I sit and tie my flies now
  11. Great tying there, looks fantastic
  12. Here is one Logie (v) hairwing I tied to day, i used foxhair too the wing and the flie is tied on a spey hook size 2
  13. Micke.H

    One bug

    Thank you! the feather I use ti the legs is Emu feather whit stiff herl on the feather and works well to legs.
  14. Micke.H

    One bug

    Thank you! the feather I use ti the legs is Emu feather whit stiff herl on the feather and wotks vell to legs.
  15. Here is my on pattern from my vice, tied on a double hook for salmon or sea trout I think
  16. Micke.H

    One bug

    Here is the recepi Hook: curved hook size 10 Tread: uni 8/0 and I do a loop, then use it to rib the back whit it Body: hare dub pick your color Legs: Umer feather Back. Brown foam and then grey magic shrimp folie and water proof pencil to paint whit, but you can use latex or other things to the back
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