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  1. C'mon, Gordeaux. Name it SOMETHING! Great symmetry. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  2. E-bay is an online AUCTION! The highest bid wins! That is how it works. Everything sold there is worth what the buyer (highest bidder), not the seller, was willing to spend....no more and no less. Remember, the seller is entitled to sell his merchadise at top dollar/pound/euro/kroner/yen/peso/etc... regardless of how the buyer and bidders found the auction. Just because an item is bought by someone not recogized on this board does not mean it will not be well used as fly tying material, Dave Carne's points notwithstanding (with which I largely agree). It is, however, once bought, THEIR property!! As for bidding against someone who posts on FTF (or any other site for that matter) for a material, book, trip etc., go for it. Being a moderator, high volume poster, "bait fisherman" or lurker clearly carries no special privileges regarding an online auction. When you think about it, life really isn't fair!! But some people just have more resources than others. Some people make some really bad decisions in life, too. Always have; always will. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  3. Paul, Take the feathers you wish to dye blue, either individually or the whole head, and place on a window sill of a window with a sunny, southern exposure. Over several weeks, the sun will completely bleach the feathers, with no harm to the structure. Then it/they can be dyed any color with impunity. Sorry to disagree with Mark R., but I doubt that Wapsi markets any blue dyed crests. Best from Nashville= Stack Scoville
  4. Mike, Welcome, my friend. Have a great holiday season, yourself. All the Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  5. I pray that God's peace, which passes all understanding, will comfort and sustain all the Burwoods in this time of unbearable sorrow.
  6. Ted, Very nice fly and very pleasing rendition of the Rangers' color scheme. Nice to see you figured out a way to post photos. Attached is a fly I tied a while back, and may have posted previously, The Predator Double Wing, tied in celebration of Nashville's NHL team. Finally, I think "pps" stands for "post post script", "ppps" stands for "post post post script". However, if you have added that much stuff you forgot to include originally, it is probably advisable to re-write the message, letter, email, etc. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  7. Does anyone know of a source (website, book, magazine) which shows any or all of these flies tied? http://www.ronnlucassr.com/The%20Salmon%20...g/dressing.html Thanks for any guidance/suggestions! Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  8. I am planning to attend. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  9. Edwin, Assuming I do not miss a flight (as I did last year), I will be attending and tying. Please say "Hello". I am lucky enough for my wife to accompany me, too. Guess I will decline on the invitation to share accommodations. I am disappointed hear you will not be there, Long! Anxious to see Dave, Davie, Phillip, Ted, Bill, Steve, Robert and all the gang. Bon Voyage! Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  10. Keith, I would tend to disagree, to an extent, with some of my experienced and esteemed colleagues. For a beginner, I would try and mount a turkey tail fibered-wing of no more than 18-21 fibers, approximately. For practice, I would take matching slips of wild turkey tail and just mount 2-3 dozen sets of wings on a Saturday afternoon. Save the dyed turkey for your flies! Be sure to have a body +/- an underwing, so that you can get a feel for tying down against those preceding structures. After you are adept at 18-21 fibers, then move up in width as the hook and other components dictate. If you have, or can borrow, a copy of Mike Radencich's book on tying the classic salmon fly, there is a rather exhaustive chapter on mounting married salmon fly wings. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  11. John, Thank you for the acknowledgement of the DVD. I spoke with Kyle on Friday evening. He seemed favorably disposed to the DVD. I am my own worst critic and will let others judge the utility of its contents. I believe Jim and Kelly Watt did a superb job of production- other than failing to diminish the "glaring" effect of my bald spot. I guess I should have powdered by forehead!!! :hyst: Technically, to my eye, it is otherwise flawless! I, alone, am responsible for the actual contents of the DVD. Best from Nashville and hoping to see many of you at the Southern Conclave in Mountain Home, the British Fly Fair Intenational in Stoke and the International Flytying Symposium in Somersett later in the fall- Stack Scoville
  12. Bud, Thank you for the acknowledgement of the article. I hope that the article will help those who struggle with marrying fibers. Let me say, again, there is no substitute for practicing the technique. I wrote the article with the hope that understanding feather structure, first and foremost, would convince the tier that there is only one way to marry a wing correctly. Unfortunately, the conestoga has not yet made its way over the Appalachians through the Cumberland Gap, so my copy has not yet arrived! Many thanks again, Bud! Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  13. What is the meaning of the word "prolly"? Is that a Catskill euphemism???
  14. Ronn, If you work at it long enough and practice, maybe you could do something really novel..... maybe like using a bead in the body. Naaaahhhhh!!!! Not enough room on the hook! Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
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