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  1. Thanks guys for the welcome and the advice so far! I had several folks recommend a Peak vice. Goose, I like the way you think. I was also going to look at the used market for higher end vices that might find themselves down in my price range. Thnaks
  2. New to the forum and looking to get a fly vice and hopefully be able to pick up a descent one for my price range. Years ago when I was in high school I got into lure making and I had a cheap $20 vice but I mostly just used my hands because it wouldn't hold hooks well. Since then I've moved away from fly fishing and Ive been making soft plastic baits, spinnerbaits weedless bass jigs etc... Now I want to get back into fly tying and I will also use it for tying lead jigs for bass and walleye using up to 5/0 heavy hooks. Any suggestions for a good quality vice for around $100-$150... also what are some features I should be looking for? thanks
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