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  1. I really like the shrimp and the kwan.
  2. Down here the crossing to the Marsh is just to dangerous in a skiff in conditions over 15mph. Also I mean, for me living down here, it's just not worth the hassle. I'm out here to have a good time, not work my rear off.
  3. Hey guys I thought I would share with y'all one of my favorite streamer patterns. This is a double bunny style of fly and what I really like about it is that it really breathes in the water. The big part of that is that down here on Big Creek Lake, the upper portions of the lake are extremely weedy. So to make the most of it I have to have a fly that can sit dead still in the water. This fly is not weighted and for depth I will use sinking lines. The fly has a great side to side action so when water opens up I can cover water with a good action. This is a long video so please feel free to skip around or better yet, grab the materials you need and the video goes at a pace that is easy to tie along with.
  4. I have a special place in my heart for these living dinosaurs. I think they are hard fighters and actually really a very pretty fish after thir own fashion. I use subsurface flies like deceivers and ep minnows. I have had them take top water flies but I have found over and over again that they will chase a fly and it is on the pause that they take the fly. A big clouser or half and half is great because they love to take them on the drop. However I have always seemed to find them in very weedy cover. During the heat of summer you can find them sipping air like a gar will off the top. They will use their air bladder to supplement their oxygen level. So as a kid I would pole around in my jon boat and sight cast to them when they came up. Now they have a hard bony mouth so I have found that the thinner the hook the better. A good trick is to run a stinger hook with a small treble. More often than not the stinger is what gets them. Unlike pike you don't have to throw a huge fly to get the job done. They do however really like flash.
  5. Hey y'all my name is Peter Jordan and I live in Mobile AL and I fish warm water and saltwater. I enjoy tying, beer drinking and poboys. I have two kids with another on layaway. Also I can do whatever I darn well want so long as I have my wife's permission.
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