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  1. mark You are right I have a copy, and is a great book as the porpuse of it..I did the drawings of the flies for that... Sebastian
  2. Hello Here are the dimensions: I put a fly so you could have and idea is a 8/0 major tied just by hand! Interior 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 the cost s 1.50 US per box, without shipping. thanks
  3. Hi to all, Time ago I bought some and I haven´t used as much I thought..so I want to sell them. I have about 250 for sale if is any interested ?.......please send a PM. All the best Sebastian
  4. well thanks . That place is enchanting Ronn..I´m still thinking about that place..lot of history inthat pool too. ome of my fly fishing heroes fish there the Late Ernest Schwiebert ... I plan to do some paintings as well. Ohh boy that long is very keen ..as so fun I remenber thta thomas and long were speaking in Norwegian which I didn´t learn.. but I coudl tell easy that they were negotiating about number of feathers etc long was very picky on the feather shape condition etc ... I could get was going on without know the language.. fun thing.. thomas is now owner of a great fly. Yes actualy I´m painting that fish as a nice memory and also I will used it as a example to offer to angler for a custom painting... later I will show some advance on that painting... Who knows ... 2 coments I remenber one from Swede that I meet at Gaula he said that I was kind of Pioneer, in some way, after know me see what have done and what I was doing. and then a Norwegian said that was impressing my knowledge for a non Norwegian angler and more for a first timer in salmon fishing ..curious to heard... that life/fishing one never know in what ends...is so much to do and learn talk more later best and hope to see more flies coming I will try to be as much as I can plugged
  5. Hello to all, Well here is some more to share. I must say that I have just tie 6 flies by hand in total, and I´m happy to have done it ,since is very regarding and is a wole new vision and many things to keep learning in this journey..... also keeping a traditional discipline so doesn´t not fade away as many things are this days... The gathering at Steinars home.. well now I realize how much you guys get and also you are .. ...as many you know here in Chile I´m the only one tying this flies..so not much to share around here ..is no Atlantic salmon fishing close.... yes is a starnge that I have end doing Salmon flies ..long history Also here is my first Salmon ever after many hours at the river, learning, polishing the castin with a two handed rod., etc, I got him.. was a magic experience, I will never forget it, was a quite at Gaula after midnight at the end of the first round on the tail of the pool..... The drawing is of Bjorkum pool in Laerdalselva.. is a enchanting place... lots of history has past in the banks of this river, this has been donated to NASF to keep up with the Trondheim fjord projectc of buy out nets... is my way to return the hand due the luck that in realize a dream... well later I will post more stuff. I also will tie soem of my creative soon... long time with do that All the best Sebas
  6. This flies were found in Laerdalselva .. one of the most beautiful rivers of Norway..and one of the one with more history and tradition along with the Alta. This was the first tie that I saw in real live some old fshing salmon flies and as you can see are not so proportioned.. and he irons are huge.... well I can post some close ups tooo later ..also I saw some destroyed one were you could see a little how they did them etc.. interesting .. All the best Sebas
  7. Hi ..thanks for the accomplishments and ys certainmly was a life time experience the trip. best sebas
  8. nice flow on the wings... All the best sebastian keep up with th work
  9. nice fly john is great to see them I like the low profile of the wings... nd impeccablesilk work.. Best sabastian
  10. I dont think so my friend... nice flies .... is your design? is a ncie one. well done.. was great to meet you . Sebastian
  11. hi davie that is a nice kate good to see your work is a massive fly...it woulde great if you take a photo of the cabinet.... all the best and keep tying !!!. Sebastian
  12. Hi to all, I have see some flies they look great, I was in Scandinavia this summer fishing and doing some art work meeting anglers etc as well. I got some salmons yes was a great experience not easy... as a new rod on this river. I fish the Guala Orkla, Laerdal and the a bit the em in Sweden .... beautiful places.. some with alot of history.... The fun part I that I was able to meet in person Martin and Tommy from Denmark at the end of my stay at banks of Gaula river, was a nice time we share a nice time two evening's, we drink talk about fishing, we saw flies form each one flies, they invite me to drink a anf eat some stuff...... and I learnt from them as well .. I miss the chance to meet Oddbjorn at Orkla, next time ... !!. then in Denmark I met Jens... and we tie fly without vise etc. fish was another great experience... In my way back from Sweden to Oslo ( Norway) I meet Steinar because..... of Pelle a great angler/ author from Em that I was visiting.... he ask to him if I could stay at his home, I didn´t know Steinar.. funny.... he turn to be is a hell of a fly tier and a keen angler that for sure, Pelle knew thta for sure we could have a good time!!, Steinar also called the Young Goku and thomas ( thunder) was a great time that evening .. lots of fun.. Was an inspirational time since I got to see some real old flies, etc. also a lot of hospitality .. Thanks to all of you for such a great time ..... Here is a Jock scott I have tied other 3 flies by hand later I will post. By the way also a great book about 50 of the best salmon rivers in the world has been released is from NASF, I did 20 drawings of flies... for the book please support them... they are doing a lot... look at www.nasfonline.org By the way...Martin is a great fly... for the NASf auction.... Well all the best Sebastian.
  13. Hi to all I have been busy I just wanted to share one of the flies that I have done....hopefully you like it. My site is re -designed ..still some things to polish but is almost ready. visit www.sebastianletelier.com that one of the reasons why I have been not present also because I´m have been planning a trip and I will not be til September since I´m off to Scandinavia I will be able to meet hopefully many of our Scandianvian friends present here... beside that I will be fishing of course..etc. But I will be back.. all the best wishes and thanks for share ... All the best and keep tying.. Sebas
  14. Dear friends, I have look around and I´m glad that you are doing well..I still busy sby different reason so apologize me. I have tie my first hand tied flies is great... just wanted to share some reflextions about this experience..... I think that tie without vise is quite a challange and alos is a closer relation with thread and the materials, at the end one learns how to use the fingers asince turns in a necessity !!.... arrange to attach and seat the feathers and furs and etc. I haven seeing yet any body tie this flies, I have just recieved some tips from Martin Bach, like the wax use etc etc... I should add that i prepare my own wax with Dammar varnish and tupertine and is more sticky too... is great stuff guys .... never dries too is quite durebla and also more soft too Alos I have done some homemade videos that I´m willing to share with you fellows are fun... maybe Roy .. could edit that and put it in Ronn web site? Also the Hooks from Ronn are great thanks men again !! they are the best... This Gula fly ...Gula... Gaula river Norway which is a place that I´m close to visit this coming season ..also I will be able to meet many of our scandinavian friends whihc thta add a flavor to the trip... Hopefully I get to catch the elusive fish that runs in it !. well all the best and hopefully I can sow more of the flies thta I have ..before I go to Norway... All the best} Sebastian
  15. Thomas Great !!thanks for the reply and keep posting your flies etc, I will also post more when I get time for that Thanks Sebas
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