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  1. Its $25 dollar for the year here in NY. We dont do trout stamps and other stuff like that.
  2. I wish I had your talent sir. Maybe someday after the house is finished and I get my workshop set up I will dabble into the world of knife making. Always been an interest of mine.
  3. Vicente....I'm really interested in see how this shapes up. For handle black with brass bands would look kinda cool to me.
  4. I'm in. I'll submit a half dozen bass streamers this year. I will find time with the new baby to get them tied and out in the mail asap.
  5. I own it. Full of different and interesting patterns. I only had it a couple weeks and have yet to try any pattern. Thus far it's been a good buy. Bit pricey but so far worth it.
  6. I keep the bumps in the night right where the judge sent them. I'm a corrections officer for New York state.
  7. Mike your too funny. The wife looked at me like I had 3 heads last night when I pulled that pelt out of my bag.
  8. So today I stopped up to my local taxidermist to pick up a deer I shot a couple years ago. On a whim I asked her if she had any scrap pieces of deer laying around. She walk over to a bag she was throwing scrap pieces into and pulls out a neck a little over three feet long. I offered to pay her for it and she wouldn't take anything for it. Says it's going to the trash anyways might as well go where it can be used. Needless to say I scored more deer hair then I will use in a couple years. For FREE. At the moment she is holding a nice chunk of black bear for me. She's wants $20 for that. My question to everyone here is, what else should I have her hold for me? Outside of squirrel and rabbits? Thanks in advace.
  9. Wife said mine came in a couple days ago. Thank you, they will be put to good use.
  10. I tied a bunch in size 12 and 14. Havent had a chance to use them yet, but I just stuck with the "original" black pattern with red wing case. I do think I changed out the bead and tied a few of each pattern with both silver and gold beads.
  11. Hello all. I'm looking at buying a new vise, and was curious if anyone on here has a Griffin spider vise. I only have a budget of about $100 for a vise. Anyone's and everyone's opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Old hat, that's awesome. It will be used, extensively. Maybe to take pictures of my latest Frankenstein creations. I'm looking forward to fishing your flies this coming spring when trout season opens.
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