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  1. Thanks, Ed. An earlier search of the forum found mention of the Chicone and Jaworski books (I've requested both through my library's networks). I believe that I came up dry regards the Popovics' title - I'll try again in the event that my mind has slipped up once more. I'd like to not go any deeper than my intermediate allows (no DC, thanks) so I am wondering about a weighted fly - maybe a tungsten dumbell weight? Much to learn.
  2. I have no expectation of improving upon patterns that have decades of approval behind them. I simply want to make my own interpretations of baitfish local to the areas that I fish. My OP used the term "pattern" but that was a brevity thing and I should've said that I was looking for saltwater streamer tying technique. My goal is to catch fish on flies that were not tied using a pattern recipe but created from something totally different than a pattern found in a book or video. I'll bet that there are a few forum members who also subscribe to the same notion. Oh yes, any book recommendations?
  3. My primary target is squeteague with stripers coming in as a distant second (fished stripers commercially to the SE of Nantucket for several seasons in the 70s)
  4. Primarily interested in the mechanics of tying saltwater streamers. Not so much interested in existing patterns. Plan to mimic the local baits (local to coastal Massachusetts, Narragansett Bay and adjacent rivers).
  5. Just joined the forum. I'm a just-retired senior looking to return to fishing after a near forty year absence. Was prompted to join in my search for a basic, beginner tying book that focuses on saltwater patterns. Any suggestions and thanks.
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