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  1. I too have bought some stuff from Damon, and the quality is top notch. I got them for my first two rods. I also chose the sepitar burl, for the nine wt I am building with a small fighting but. And a birdseye maple for the wife's 4wt. Now I just need to start my first wraps!
  2. I was going to design mine in Solidwords! Haha, also using some of the AL stock my company has. Just ordered the thread tensioners and drying motor from Janns craft.
  3. I figured as much. How is the rest of the show? Pretty good? Thanks for all the responses.
  4. Yeah I went to the show in Marlboro also, and there wasn't much there. Well I will just wait till all the catalogs I ordered come in to buy stuff.
  5. Are there any builders in Mass on here? If so has anyone gone to the FLy Fishing Show in Wilmington Ma. I have actually seen it advertised as the biggest in the world? Anyway I was thinking of checking the show out for materials ie, waiting until then to decide and maybe buy there. Long Story Short! If you have been to the show in Wilmington Mas (March 13-14 this year) Does it have anyone selling rod building supplies?
  6. This is a damn good point! I never thought about that. That would lead to a stress concentration right at the top of the grip thus giving it alot higher chance for failure. Yeah I really no longer like that idea. Good Eye OSD!
  7. Along the lines of custom grips. I was at the big outdoors show in Springfield Ma this past weekend and there was a guy who had carves custom handles out of hardwood. Notice I said handles and not reel seats. Anyway he kept trying to explain the difference between an insulator and a conductor. Yet the ton of classes it took to get me Eng deg did that for me. Anyway I thought it was an interesting idea, considering you would feel more vibration through wood than cork. Then I asked him price, it was $200 for him to build a grip for a rod that I would build. Then I told the guy he does beautiful work and moved on. What do yall think?
  8. MikeA The two most of the time go hand in hand nicely. We have a 99 XJ with 4.5" Lift and a bunch of other stuff. I am actually building it up for expiditiontype trips. We are planning a trip to drive maybe all the way to South america wheeling and fishing. Have owned quite a few jeeps though. Also if you plan to get together you better make it early summer. We are looking to move back to Tx.
  9. Yeah I realize how fortunate I am to have a wife who loves to fish. Actually she is damn good at it too! We fight about funny stuff like, Should we buy a bass boat before a house? She wants a boat! She has better Orivs waders than I do! So far I like this forum alot! A bunch a wise guys like me!
  10. Yeah I think you have sold me on getting a blank with a modulus in the 40 million range. Cost effective and I think I/she will like it more. I am building one for my wife. Niether of us are experts at all . Does anyone know what the modulus of a SCIV blank is? Also what about the Rainforest series rods? Any good? We are headed to the Springfield Ma sportshow this weekend so if I don't find anything (materials) there to buy. I should order some next week! Thanks for all the help so far guys!
  11. Well I am looking at building my first rod, well maybe two or three! I am looking for tips on what tools are most important for beginning. I will be building my own jig, ie I have access to a full machine shop here at the office. I am looking for opinions on the different manufacturers of Blanks. I know about modulus and that, actually working on a scale layup of a carbon fiber rotor craft blade here at work. I have almost decided on a St. Croix SCIV blank, they are pretty cheap now if you can find them (~$86). Or should I be starting with a cheaper blank? Is there a decent brand of blanks or less than 60-$70? Also on a side note, I saw some REC Recoil Guides in the Cabelas Tackle craft catalog and was wondering if anyone had used these. I found it kinda funy since the Nickle Titanium Alloy they are talking about is actually called Nitinol. It is one of the "Smart Materials" that my company specializes in, and I would have never thought about using it as that. Soo simple! Anyway Sorry for the long beginning post. I can't Wait to begin building! RJ Lynn [email protected]
  12. Hello all, My name is RJ Lynn and I am new to the group! I am a 25yr old Mechanical Eng. currently living in the Boston area. I am still pretty new to fly fishing, but I am growing more hooked on it everyday. Luckily so is my Wife! Anyway she has become interested in tying flies as I am interested in building custom rods. I tend to build everything else of mine! We enjoy camping and our Jeeps, especially when used for Fishing! Anways we are more experienced at good ol bass fishing now than anything, I grew up basically on a bass boat in the midwest. Nice meeting yall RJ Lynn [email protected]
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