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  1. I want my flies to be very buggy; lots of movement. So my best tool is a small patch of velcro hooks; I found a discarded wrist band from a watch that I cut in 2 length wise and they are great. Wound and glued one to a dowell , left the other free.
  2. For those still looking for longer fur; the Etsy store online has faux fur to 3 inches long. www.etsy.com/listing/223670842/
  3. I love his products and the service/advice. I am hoping he will come out with a longer version of select craft fur. Use the various dubbings with legs for leeches/dragons/wooly buggers that are quicker to tie than using dubbung loops.
  4. .... You click on a button to order hooks you just gotta have, and the price is right; but your virus protection won't allow that website?
  5. I haven't seen this talked about much, but it is the single most consistent fly in my N CA area. It's basically a very slim wooley bugger; size 10 hook, very sparse 1-1.5 inch tail, palmered head or tease the buggy dubbing out. Weight it or not, your choice as to depth. Just like a bugger, it can represent many items; damsel is my first thought, but fished near fry it does well too. Both BG and LMB take it ; I've had succesive casts take both; first cast to inside of weedbed was BG, 2nd to outside was LMB. The sparse tail provides great movement for attraction; hence wiggle tail name. Palmered griz hackle also flares nicely. The big head (big width, not a long head) seems to be key, along with sparse tail. On a 1.5 to 2 inch total length, head is 1/4 to 1/2 inch long; tail is 2 to 3 x the head length.
  6. the bead chain makes the fly ride hook up, right? I assume the red represents the belly? So I would tie the white sing under the hook; when fished the hook turns point up, white wing is on top?
  7. Count me as old fashioned, but for BG: Bully's Spider, scuds, soft hackles, Prince nymph. Sponge spiders. Bass; Blanton's Fatal Attraction, also Whistler series in smaller versions (2-6 sizes), Calcasieu Pig Boat, Gurglers, Crease fly, deceivers
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