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  1. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    Fooled with a #14 P&O. Admired. RELEASED.
  2. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    Thanks, you guys win 4 to 1. Its a brown trout.
  3. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    Hey fshng2 what do you think that fish is, a young brown or a young brookie? I know its a bad picture but I say brookie.
  4. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    Not my best picture but the 1st trout of my 2020 season.
  5. Just found this picture in the archives,could turn into one of my favorites. That is me FLY FISHING for stripers along the coast in Quincy, just north of me is the Boston skyline.
  6. Thanks for the compliment Mike.
  7. GC59

    Happy Holidays

    flytire and all, Merry Christmas.
  8. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    Nice water, Very nice fish, Great day, and a skilled fly fisher, Thanks for sharing Mike.
  9. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    tailwater Brookie small water small fish today
  10. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    1 of 3 from this morning all fooled with a #14 nymph of my own design, and a micro shot 6 "s up on the 5x tippet. Catch Admire Release.
  11. GC59

    Fish Pictures

    Thanks Mike I am having a good season.
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