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  1. Spent the few extra bucks and went for the griffin Montana mongoose. Looks like high reviews and a vise several love. Thanks for all the input from the great white north. Hope to see you guys out there and tight lines!!!
  2. Thanks for all the info so far guys. I am looking to spend $150 to $200 range. I know what you mean about Amazon, best money we have spent has been the prime membership. . When I said Orvis I meant the Rensetti vise. Should have been more specific about that.
  3. Sorry. I should have said that I do not have shops in my area. I live in a very rural area that has Walmart for a sporting goods store and grocery about a half hour away. It has it trades offs to live where I do. Everyone likes to come visit because we have the hunting and fishing but do not have the luxuries of the suburbs or cities. We do all of our purchasing for most things online that is why I have to rely on others thoughts, experiences, and their reviews. I do agree with you NoSlack but unfortunately I am unable to try any out. Hope to see you in the north woods one day, tight lines.
  4. I am not a complete beginner but am fairly new to fly fishing and tying. I currently have 1 year under my belt with both. I bought a used setup last year (pole and vise). I currently have an older stationary vise, I believe a AA style. It has been good for the woolly buggers I have been tying but would like to upgrade. I told myself if I went a year on the cheap vise and liked it I would upgrade to a nicer vise. I was wondering thoughts on what vise to get, brand and model. Is there a big difference between using a clamp vise compared to a pedestal vise? I am thing maybe something from Orvis or maybe a Griffin Mongoose, are they worth the money? Thanks for your time.
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