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  1. That's an awesome story. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Possibly you should consider trying Silver Creeks UV resin. I also have the UV lights he sells. They work great. I have used several UV Resins (including Loons) and Silver Creeks works the best for me. That's who I choose to support.
  3. Thank you for posting this hopper. I have been looking for a new hopper for this season and I will give this pattern a try.
  4. 1 is a stimulator. It's the only one I know for sure. I use them often.
  5. I received a wonderful box of flies on Saturday. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.
  6. Do you mind also giving explanation on what folded hackle is and what it is used for? Just curious.
  7. I bought it. I will save if for summer camping reading. Thank you!
  8. It looks much nicer than I previously thought with your latest pictures. I am not really a hair packer but I would buy one because you posted here and I think it's cool. PM me if you want to sell the one in the picture.
  9. Agreed. Plus I would like to see the bee pattern. Please tie it.
  10. It looks like the tenkara bum site sells Varivas 2300 Ultra Midge in 28 and 30. I read somewhere that they are fragile and hard to tie on but I haven't tried them. Apparently the TMC 518 has been discontinued but the TMC 508 is still available in 22, 24 and 26. I am not sure if they are smaller than the Mustad R50 24's i have. The only other one I have seen is Gamakatsu C12-BM in 26,28 and 30. I probably will order some of the Gamakatsu and TMC 508s. After this I probably will conclude that the Mustad 24's is as small as I can tie on anyway! Thanks for the help!
  11. Mine are ready to go in the mail. I tied extras so I am good with more in the swap.
  12. I have been having fun tying with small dry hooks. So far I am pretty pleased with the results tying Griffith's Gnat and parachute dries. I have pretty much always used Mustad hooks. I have their R50-9480 dry hooks down to size 24 but I think that is the smallest they make. Or at least 24 is the smallest I have been able to find. What do you recommend as a smaller hook than the Mustad R50-94840 24 for me to try? Honestly I don't think I really need anything smaller than a 24 but it's just for fun to try.
  13. I have Elk Hair for my Elk Hair Caddises that I bought from Blue Ribbon Flies that I have been really happy with. If I remember it wasn't cheap but it's really nice to tie with. Its best to call them and discuss what you are looking for.
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