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  1. Maybe I could plant some ginger too then I could drink rye and ginger all summer cheers, thanks for the advice.
  2. Welcome Slacker. I am in Rimouski, Quebec. Do you ever get into Algonquin Park? How is the fishing in Ottawa area? I have heard of a group trying to stock brown trout in the Ottawa river but I am not sure how successful they have been. The Gatineau River should have some good fishing too eh?
  3. just the kind to make a lawn! I had a new septic system installed in December and a large area of lawn say 4000 sq ft was ripped up for the septic field and by heavy machinery. Winter snows covered it up but now a big muddy field is starting to appear and I want to sow grass seed for the lawn but need some advice: When should I sow the seed? I am worried about weeds taking over so I guess it should be early. How should I do it? What kind of seed should I use? I live in Rimouski Quebec and the latitude (48 N) is not indicative of the climate. We have a short growing season (3-4 months between frosts), piles of snow, very cold in winter. We do have very fertile soil though and many crops can grow here in the short season. No real drought conditions occur here though August can be dry. Other considerations are that I do not want too much maintenance in terms of cutting and I dont want to have to water it or fertilise it (septic should do that). Fishing season is short here and I don't want to waste my time worrying about the grass. Any insights and advice would be appreciated.
  4. swapmeister gets em. Do what you want with them Gary but you deserve them
  5. Daryn's post of the old Dark Montreal got me thinking about waters that always had a particular pattern associated with them or vice versa. Though general patterns might be useful in many places, sometimes a pattern is popular in only one river and there is sometimes an interesting story to go along with why. I associate this more with Atlantic salmon fishing than trout fishing but I am sure it exists for all species. Here are a couple I can think of. What comes to mind for you? Brown Bomber - Margaree River, NS. Atl salmon Dark Montreal - Petite Riviere, NS. Atl salmon
  6. Nice old fly. The Dark Montreal used to the be the fly of choice on the Petite Riviére in Nova Scotia when there was a fishable salmon run there.
  7. I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I will be travelling next week and would like to set up an automated reply to my work email that tells people I am away - but not just anyone. As I get loads of spam and list server messages I do not want to respond to them. In fact I would only like to respond to people in my particular domain. So I need to set up a rule such that outlook checks the domain and responds if it meets the critereon: e.g. if hotmail.com then reply accordingly. I have already tried putting all addresses in my domain in the folder but at 10,000 Outlook can't handle it. Just putting the domain name in the from box does not work. Could anybody help me this? Sincere thanks.
  8. ok Gary, I will join. It will be my first swap. I have not fished too often for rainbows, my experience is from two trips to Vancouver Island. There I had great success with a '52 Buick for rainbow, cutthroat and browns and also have caught lots of brook trout on them out here in the east. As it is like a Doc Sprately without the wing I will do a variation: '52 Buick, glass bead
  9. It is a shame, such a good material and there are more than 5 million harp seals in eastern Canadian Greenland population now - a record high level. That could make a lot of flies. Unfortunately, the ban in seal products is based more on emotion and who has captured the public sympathy than science.
  10. That is my kind of fly and named after my home town (though I am from the one in Nova Scotia and I suppose this would be named after the one in Yorkshire). Actually, could you give us some of the history of the fly or this type of Hale fly - I have never heard of them? great job!
  11. me too - nymphs. Primarily because that is what I use for most of my fishing. I suppose wooly buggers and dries would take up places 2 and 3.
  12. Keep them in those sealed bags and chuck some moth balls in. You might just try washing them but depends if you want the oil on the feathers or not. The moth balls will stink the feathers up. I got a moth infestation and moth balls in sealed containers did the trick.
  13. This is a good question. I like you tend to use flies that I know catch fish. I did buy some super realistic mayfly nymphs to match hatches once. I used them I think correctly but I can tell you that my success rate was lower than by using a hare's ear nymph or 52 buick. They are beautiful things and it is nice to have a couple in the fly box to show others but they stay pretty dry in my fly box.
  14. fish

    Need to vent a bit

    if it is his property you should still report him. Property rights usually do not give you the right to destroy fish habitats as there is almost certainly an implication beyond the property boundary.
  15. fish

    Need to vent a bit

    Sounds like a fishin skin head is working on his fish anarchy movement. Actually, there must be laws against this, even if it were an improvement of habitat, he would need a permit to do it and would have to have a defined plan on how to do it. i.e. wading in potential trout spawning habitat in the fall is probably a big no no. I suspect that in the US there would be strong legislation and enforcement against this as there is in most countries. I would call up your department of wildlife management or whoever would deal with such things and report the guy.
  16. I would say that as long your tying kit does not contain too many cigarettes or booze coming to Canada or take back too many terrorists or communists when returning to the States, you will be ok.
  17. fish

    Gas Prices

    $4.68 US/US gallon now in Quebec. 1.474 cdn$/L * 3.78L/us gal * 0.84 us$/cdn$
  18. Mark, that reel is a beauty. The satisfaction of catching fish using a reel you made on rod you made with flies you made would be incredible. How much does it weigh and what sort of drag did you install with the purchased hardware? As for anodizing, I like the subdued ones, the pewter/titanium finishes are nice or a deep gold not a flashy one. Keep up the good work and let us know how field testing goes. Coming soon to a your local fly shop, the Shamburg large arbour 3-4.
  19. fish

    Gas Prices

    It is about $3.40 US for a US gallon (1.08 cdn/litre) in Quebec right now.
  20. Cool, thanks flounder. I looked up the flower spider as you identified it. Interesting, seems it likes to eat bees and waits on flowers for them. That would explain why it would lift up its front legs when something (camera lens) got close. Chris, that first spider almost looks like an engorged tick but I have seen spiders like that around especially in September though I couldn't identify it. cheers, Dan
  21. fish

    Freakin Out!

    Congratulations CB. When you are up the Matapedia and if you are looking for a nice place for the two of you, visit Les Jardins de Métis. It is about 75 km from Amqui up the highway 132. Quite a famous botantical garden with an interesting history. Good luck with everything
  22. Like leaky waders I recently found a spider that I have not seen before. Can anyone identify it? It was not that big, say 1.5" including legs but kind of weird colouring for these parts (Quebec). It was a bit aggressive or just not scared, i.e. it would lift up its front legs on anything that came near it rather than running away as any other spider around here would do.
  23. Here are a few photos from a few hour outing to a local stream Saturday morning. The water is getting a bit low and warm but there are still fish to be found. Can you find one here? This is not the greatest shot in terms of centering but it shows the beautiful markings of brook trout and I had to make a top margin so the logo did not cover the subject.
  24. Paul, I am not exactly sure how the rivers are doing on the peninsula. Truthfully , though I live right in the middle of an Atlantic salmon hotspot, I only fish salmon a couple of times each year because I would rather the adventure of fishing trout than the golf course like experience of salmon fishing. What I can tell you is that the salmon river flowing through my town (Rivière Mitis) is having an excellent year. Better than last year at the same time which was the best in many years. I do not have the stats but I will pick them up when I next drop by the ZEC office. It is a dammed river and flows are regulated, so that we can supply Floridians with a constant electricity supply for their air conditioners, that might be one of the reasons the Mitis is good this year as most Gaspe salmon rivers are not dammed. The Margaree is damned in your books I guess! I know it might be hard to change your mind but you might try it again sometime. The Margaree is really a fall salmon river as are most rivers on Cape Breton and there is no place I would rather be on Thanksgiving (cdn, 2nd week of Oct) but at this time of year, the Gaspe peninsula is hard to beat at least on this continent. Dan
  25. listen Troutbum, you should have been on a Gaspé river, the water level was perfect Saturday evening at 19h38 (7:38 pm - 24 hour clock up here too). Also, no worries about French translation - it's all French! I do have to agree with you about the skill in salmon fishing. The skill comes with being foolish enough to wake up at some ungodly hour to be the first over the pool and knowing in which pool the taking fish will be - once you have that and the fish are willing you could cast an old sock at them and catch them. There is nothing more frustrating than casting to a pool of 50-60 salmon all day long and nothing takes. Not to mention that in Quebec we have the honour of paying say $40/day to do this. See you next time in the Gaspe ...
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