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  1. Again Rado, very nice. I appreciate your very informative posts with great looking flies, descriptions and nice photos of enviable waters that are quite exotic to most of us in this North American dominated forum. Keep posting. Dan
  2. stunning, excellent work. Why do you call it the Sherbrook, is it a known pattern or one of your own?
  3. Bud, I hope you never travel internationally with your fly box because you are like the poster boy for movement of illegal animal products!
  4. Redleg, there are different strains and names but we probably don't hear much about it because I think most of our brown trout in North America are of only two strains: Loch Leven browns and German browns. I know in the UK they distinguish peatland as well and I suspect there are many others. Seems that Rado has found a nice strain there in his Iskar River.
  5. What and beautiful little river, crystal clear water and nice little trout. Cheers!
  6. fish

    Big Shark

    Well about 30 years ago my buddies and me went canoeing down this river they were about to dam and turn into a big reservoir. My buddy got into this banjo duel with one of the locals before the trip started ...
  7. So I got my car last week, no deals offered. I do realize these things will happen so I am just getting on with it. 3 strike rule applies. Next closest dealer in 40 km away (though this one in 30 km anyway), I am going to do as much I can at the local garage and hopefully that is all that will be required for a couple of years. Thinking about selling the car at the end of the summer. Will not buy another Hyundai even though I think they are decent cars. The dealer just turned me right off. We have a good Mazda dealer here (voted best in Canada a few years ago) so maybe that will be the next car. Thinking of a Dodge minivan though (second kid on the way) I am not sure about the local dealer though.
  8. if it is that you want to be out on the water all the time there is much better solution: move to an area with decent fishing and a bit economically depressed (they usually go together) try and buy a cheap place in the country (not on a river just a crap old place). Get a wood lot with it, get a part time job at a grocery store. Be a jack of all trades by cutting wood doing garden work, a grocery boy and when you are not making ends meet (depends how many Tibor reels you feel you need) then go fishing. Most of your money will be cash, perhaps even a lot of things you do will be by barter. You will probably make about as much money as a small time guide and all your fishing time will be for you. Your investment in small house and property may even be less than all the trappings of a successful guide and they will not depreciate like a 50 hp merc with many hours per year on it. You are also more likely to get a mortgage than a big loan for a guide business. Good luck with whatever you do just do what you have to keep fishing.
  9. I have moths in my bucktails. They are being fumagated now in the garage in a bed of moth balls. The worst part is that my wife keeps on find moths around and wondering where they are coming from. I am playing coy and I hope she does not read FTF.
  10. Yeah, I guess I should be ok with that. They have lent me a car until they fix it and will pay for all damage they caused and are very apologetic. We will see what they do when the time comes for me to go collect - they might throw in something. Yup, happened in Canada. Maybe they put the winter tires (unidirectional) on backwards because ass-end first seems to be the with the way things are going around here lately. Skunked, yes it is a good question why do I go back? Well I only go for things that I know the local garage can't do like brakes because the parts are likely to throw them off - oil and power steering now beause I had to get the brakes done so I got it all done at once.
  11. So this morning I took my car in to the dealer for an oil change, fix leak in power steering system and change brakes (Hyundai Elantra). They called me into the shop after about 2 hours saying there was a bit of bad luck. Turns out they banged the car into the bay doorframe when moving it - bad luck sounds like incompetence to me. The front right quarter panel needs to be replaced. The car has few marks on it and I have had it since new for 3 years and it is in good condition. They are going to replace it free of charge of course. Should I be happy with that? Should I demand they pay for everything else done too, a break on a new car? What should somebody do in a situation like this. I am pissed because it is not the first time I have faced their incompetence - they put on my winter tires backwards in 2003 and with brake problems before they insisted they were fine (3 times) then Hyundai issued a brake saftey recall and I got the problem fixed.
  12. Cool solution everyone. Wickedcarpenter, I am glad to see that I am not the only one with crystal flash hanging for the arm of their desk lamp. I wonder what other things we all converge on at our tying benches.
  13. Beauty Jacques. Will you be tossing that over the Causapscal or Matapedia in the next 6 weeks?
  14. very nice. So was that inspired by a bag of chips ("Miss Vicki's" is a brand name of chips where I come from). I was expecting something with chip package foil.
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fish: Grey Ghost - hare/rabbit variation
  16. Great advice everyone, please keep it coming. I will try the lead core line and some streamers and I like the idea of several nymphs/midges on a vertical haul. I suspect that might be quite good just at sunset when a lot of insects are moving to the surface. I will definitely make a report after the trip.
  17. I am going to be fishing a lake in mid-June in eastern Quebec that contains lake trout as well as brook trout. The water will be fairly cool even on the surface but still a bit warm for lake trout to be active at the surface. I have never fished lake trout before though I suppose I should use a sinking line and large streamer but have few other ideas. Does anyone have advice on flies, depths (temperatures), techniques (trolling, twitches, fast retrieves), what sort of bottom structure, time of day or anything that might make me a successful lake trout fly fisherman? Thanks.
  18. I was taking a course in NY state a number of years ago. A friend from the Yukon was driving to Nova Scotia and stopped to visit while I was taking the course. People in the course asked where he was from, he said Yukon and several people responded "what are you taking". Confused we discovered that they were thinking UConn (University of Connecticut). Anyway, that is my only experience with the Yukon. I think that the fishing must be quite good, northern limit of rainbows (there was an article of Yukon rainbows in a recent Canadian fly fisher I think), grayling and salmon in some rivers with their mouths in Alaska. Not much saltwater in the Yukon and George Bush will have oil pipelines all over the place up there soon anyway - maybe oil is your business though. No personal offence just my opinion on drilling in the arctic wildlife refuge. Certainly the scenery of Kluane National Park is a jaw dropper. Have fun, take advantage of this rare opportunity.
  19. fish

    FTF Fundraiser

    Will, I love the site and want to help you keep FTF running smoothly but my problem is that I am in Canada and it is really so much more convenient to use a credit card to buy from the US. I would be willing to pay the extra 2.5% visa/mastercard fee or whatever it is and it may be that many others are the same.
  20. fish


    It is great stuff for dries. I just started using it last year and when using dry flies I rarely used anything else other than CDC patterns. Search CDC on this web site and you will find a lot of information. Just tried the search but you need more than 4 characters so search "cul de canard"
  21. I am going to be in Northern Spain, near Santander in early March. Provided I am not blown up by ETA (can you sense my apprehension) I am wondering what are the fishing possibilities there at that time of year? I know they have some rivers with Atlantic salmon and brown trout but do not know much about the runs, seasons or associated costs. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Bienvenue Johny. Nice to see more people from eastern Canada here - I am in Rimouski. Do not worry about language, your English is fine and people here are very nice and helpful. It is the best board on the web as far as I am concerned.
  23. I will only keep a fish if I am near certain that it will die because of injuries I have caused it. On the other hand I fish only for salmon and trout because they are the only things available and they are the native species. If I wanted to eat smallmouth bass and caught one in Nova Scotia for example, I would have no problems with keeping a legal limit.
  24. Nice photo CB. Have you done well with those Big Interval Blues? I have never tried them.
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