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  1. These new models are at least as good on icy roads as the old models
  2. Thanks Shoe. I guess this area is just not a fly fishing mecca. I would love to head down to PA and join your steelhead trip but could not make it this weekend as I am here for a conference (on fish no less) so that will keep me tied up until Sunday afternoon anyway. If this PA steelhead trip is going to turn into an annual thing then I should just try to arrange to join you next year. It would be a great introduction to steelheading.
  3. I am in the Windor Hilton right now looking at those Detroit sky scrapers (through the blowing snow) wondering where a fly shop might be. I might have a chance on Sunday to go have a look around - would shops be open on Sunday? If I get a chance to look at Cabelas I will find my way to Dundee. Exchange rates are excellent now for Canadians so it is actually a good time to buy gear in the States. thanks airhead
  4. ok thanks airhead. I guess I will just have a look around Windsor, maybe try to find a fly fishing shop around Windsor or Detroit. When you can't fish buy!
  5. I am going to be in Windsor for work in Early January but have a day to myself. Seeing all the posts on what seems will be an excellent trip for PA steelhead around that time, I am wondering about the possibilities of making a day trip out of Windsor to a stream or two to have a go at it. That would confine me to the nearby Canadian side and therefore tributaries of W Lake Erie or Lake St Claire. Are there possibilities? I have never even seen a steelhead so I am complete beginner. Any ideas or info would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks everyone, especially steelheader for those links - very informative. It looks a bit complicated to do it as described in the pages but I am sure I could do the technique skeet spoke of used in Smoky Mountain streams. I will probably be fishing a lake with big brook trout next June, it might be a good place to try the lake technique. I can see that I am probably going to make a light weight spey rod in the next year or so.
  7. Anybody tried dapping? If you have not heard of it, it is a technique which I think was developed on Scottish and Irish lochs where you use multiple tiny dry flies (about 5 flies in the #20 size range) and skate them across the water. Sort of like creating your own hatch. It requires a very long rod and patience untangling all the flies but I guess it can be productive. I have never done it but watched my father try in Scotland many years ago with standard fly gear. He gave up in frustration after a couple of hours. I'd like to hear if anyone has tried it, for what species, how successful you were and anything else about your experience.
  8. You can't get gas at Canadian Tire here but I think you can around Montreal. I remember visiting the Canadian Tire in Bridgewater (NS) as a kid and wondering how all those coloured bait things and big hunks of shiny metal would be used. Actually I still wonder. If you been thinking about buying a 15lb downrigger for your 5 wt Sage, check out the Canadian Tire fishing section!
  9. I bought a pack of these keel hooks - Eagle Claw blue anodized fairly large size. The lead chuckers use them for something, I have just tied some bizarre flies on them messing around. They are quite available at Crappy Tire in Canada, think they were about $0.20 each. Also got these cool teflon coated nickle circle hooks with super sharp points on clearance. If you are in Canada check out Canadian Tire, they have this problem that they distribute all kinds of fishing gear to all locations - even if it is not useful. Pike, bass and walleye gear is as useless for me here in Eastern Quebec as are mackerel feathers are for someone in Saskatchewan so you often find lots of weird fishing gear in clearance especially at this time of year.
  10. Finally I went for the Canon A75 powershot. I really like it. Have not had it out on the water and will not until next year but sure takes great photos and movies of my little daughter.
  11. I'd have to give my vote to Blackmore who I think is second only to Hendrix for revolutionising the post 50s (the pioneers) guitar world.
  12. I think you have hit a special/spiritual moment that most fly fishers will arrive at if they persist for long enough. I am going to get kind of dreamy (not religious) here: I describe the feeling for myself as more than a desire to catch fish, more than knowing a stream but is the deep desire to be as involved with the whole working of things as much as possible so you become part of it. Any single part in isolation does not capture what it is for you. It is a very individual experience though can be shared with certain others. I am not sure if this describes a bit of what you talking about but even the way you refer to your river as "her" is revealing. I think fly fishing and fishers are special and lucky in this respect because there is something to it that is far more fulfilling than just fishing. Fly fishing seems to be a special route towards finding it.
  13. I need some boxes but I am wondering why they seem so expensive for what they are. Do you find this too? I will probably buy some of the pure foam boxes with nylon cover and corner magnets to hold the two sides closed. What do you think of those boxes?
  14. Yup, looks like a landlocked salmon trolling streamer. I bet they would use it in New Brunswick for slinks as well - most of those flies seem to be dominated by the red part of the colour spectrum. Nice fly, good stuff.
  15. Thanks CB (Damian). Looks great. I landed my first Atlantic salmon on a variation of this with a small thin fluorescent green body. It was on thanksgiving day in October 1985 on the pond pool just above the estuary of the Middle River (Cape Breton - off the Yankee Line road). Upstream cast from the 'wrong' side of the river to a pod of fish that had been sitting there all weekend and not taking. I could see the fish rising to take the fly after about a million casts and my heart started pounding. It was a grilse of about 4lb which I released.
  16. I noticed watching a show fishing for river chinooks (Gt Lks fish, not west coast) that I never saw one of these fish jump (really clear the water) and actually have not seen that in other shows on this species. I got me wondering what species will actually jump when hooked and if there are conditions other than behaviour that promote or prevent it. I seems that water temperature and also the pool depth and current speed may be a factor in rivers. Here is my list, help me out, add comments and species. Atlantic salmon: almost always, esp. summer run grilse brook trout: almost never, rolling jumps and tail splashes from large fish only rainbow trout: yes, a lot like Atlantics but have never hooked into a big one brown trout: yes, like rainbows but less likely to jump chum salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, acrtic grayling, splake, tiger trout, arctic charr, lake trout, sm m bass, lg m bass, northern pike, chain pickerel, walleye...
  17. I like my Wonderline and SA lines but also think those Aquanova lines are not bad for the less than $20 US you pay for them. I also think it is good to look at DT vs WF option. I have only recently discovered the pleasure of casting DT lines. They also easier for a beginner to cast a nice loop and there will be fewer knots in the leader for the same number of casts. That said, my WF5 floating wondeline casts very much like a DT so I like it a lot but they are pricey.
  18. I have never heard of it. Anyone want to post a photo? The materials in the title sound good to me, I would love to see one put together.
  19. CB salar, you tie the flies that I grew up using - of course I am from Nova Scotia so it is no surprise. How about a MacIntosh next? Good job, nice to see them in the database.
  20. This is a great fly on those beautiful Cape Breton streams in the fall. I have not seen it with the golden pheasant crest over the top though - mostly as a plain old hair wing. Nice fly
  21. I agree mozes. Still, I bought a large arbor Islander for a trip to the tropics which cost me a pretty penny - it is my salmon reel now. It is a pleasure to use but I doubt I will buy a reel like that again. There are excellent reels for less than $100 now.
  22. Nice first post there Stu. Problem is that that fly is so nice I can only see it going down hill from here. Good work.
  23. I am not sure if this is in your budget (200 US I think) but I highly recommend redington wayfarer 7.5 ft 4wt 5 pc. They have the perfect action for me - on the medium side of medium-fast. You can feel every little touch on the fly. They are very light and balance perfectly with fairly light reels like Hardy LRH series. The one drawback is that they seem to break fairly easily but redington will replace it if so.
  24. fish

    one piece rods

    Has anyone ever used a full size (say greater than 8ft) one piece fly rod? If so, how does casting compare to two- or multi-piece rods?
  25. In terms of Atlantic salmon flies, they can work well for trout - brook trout anyway but they are suckers for a lot of attractor flies. If you fish Atlantic salmon more than a few times per year it is likely that you will pick up a trout along the way on the periphery of the main salmon holding area in a pool. I generally do not target trout with salmon flies though.
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