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    Political Phone Calls

    You guys are lucky down there. In Canada if a politician called you to get out and vote they would try to reverse the charges
  2. I think both the fly and the picture are great. My only suggestion would be side-on profile of the fly to get a view of the hook and proportions in relation to it but that is minor. There are all sorts of flies in the database and varying quality of photos. Some people have very beautiful decorative flies and others down and dirty fish catchers - depends on personal philsophopy. I think all are acceptable.
  3. Lance, I have the 95wr, I got the date-back option too which is great for me to keep track of things. I really like it and would pay more to have a Pentax digital but not so much more. I suppose I could order it from the States but Canada Customs is being a real bugger lately and have a 5 week back-log out west. Actually, I am waiting on a rod I ordered from Idaho almost 1 month ago (before I knew CC were getting so sticky).
  4. Depending on the kind of fly and kind of photo (i.e. the process of tying or the finished fly) you might not need a camera at all. I have scanned flies with a cheap HP scanner, the quality excellent, the photos are small because they have no background information to include, you can simultaneously scan as many flies as you can fit on the glass and it is absolutely easy requiring no special lighting, tripods etc. A $100 scanner will take you a long way. I attached a sample, the file is only 19 kb, you scan at much higher resolution if you want. The drawback is if you have a very delicate fly with legs sticking out, then the cover will flatten it. But, you can scan also with a piece of white paper over the fly instead of the cover and that opens up more possibilties.
  5. Thanks everyone for the excellent advice and nice photos. I am partial to Pentax and have Pentax waterproof film camera now that I really like. I looked at the 33 and 43 WR models though and they are a bit pricey in Canada anyway. The 43 WR is $500 Canadian ($410 US). I am now leaning towards the Canon A75 (Nic the goldenboy Pujic uses one - like an endorsement from an angel) and a ziplock bag or use my film camera in really splashy situations.
  6. holy freak that's nice. Love the green dyed grizzly or is it guinea hen body hackle.
  7. That is a beauty. I bet it would work magic on Thanksgiving weekend in the Margaree.
  8. I am thinking I will break my chemical habit and go digital as prices in the past year seem to have plummeted. I need some suggestions on cameras though. I do not need super high resolution, i.e. 3 megapixels is probably more than I need. I want a camera that is fairly compact and easy to use - maybe some optical zoom ability. And given that I am planning to take photos of the millions of fish I catch each year, it should probably have some weather resistance (the death of my previous two cameras have been a tide pool and torrential rains in Vietnam). Lastly, it should not be too expensive as, like a computer, it will be obsolete the day after I buy it. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. You had better try it out soon because there has been some talk of putting the "coaster" brook trout on the SARA list (Species At Risk Act - Canadian equivalent of the US endangered species list). The latest issue of the Canadian Fly Fisherman has a report for Northern (ie. western in reality) Ontario and the author asked why the coaster is not already on the list. Anyway, if it makes it on the SARA list there is unlikely to be much fishing for it. All this said, I have never been to the region and cannot offer much advice. No doubt a muddler minnow would be in order as the Nipigon is its place or origin.
  10. fish


    I saw a fishing show on the weekend with Italiano Lebanon who was fishing a very small river in southern Ontario with 14' 11 wt spey rod for chinook salmon. Anyway, I thought I spotted The Golden Boy releasing a nice brown for the camera. Obviously takes some skill to pick up a brown when chinooks are swarming like that.
  11. A half assed fix that might get you through a day or two is duct tape. I have never tried it on breathables but it did get me through a weekend with a big hole in an old rubber pair of waders I had.
  12. That is a real beauty of a fly. I am going to try that on the brookies next year. I had great success with the CDC elk hair caddis in 2004 but I think your cdc caddis will be my 2005 go to fly. Have you had much success with it?
  13. Thanks Tom, thats really helpful information. I think I will get the 7wt and I will try to borrow a 7 weight line before I buy one. I own an 8 wt now so I can try that out. I have to order it so will not have a chance to try it before I buy it. Forums like this and responses like yours are essential for me living out in the woods (far eastern Quebec). cheers, Dan
  14. Just in early August this year, I fished my local stream for brook trout. The water was quite low and warm and I managed to catch a couple in a shaded pool under a bridge that were rising to dries. I then walked upstream over a long flat stretch of water less than a foot deep. I spotted a small log on the far side held to bank which managed to scour the bottom to perhaps 2 ft depth but it was shady there. I cast my dry just about 2" from the edge and the current quickly took it along for about 2ft when I got a hard strike and ended up releasing a nice little brook trout around 11". It was very rewarding because of the poor conditions and because I pulled a nice little trout out of place that many people (certainly the worm drowners who frequent this stream) wouldn't have given a second glance.
  15. I have read a lot about the TFO rods and am thinking about the TiCr 9ft, 4pc, 7wt which I will use for small Atlantic salmon, perhaps some big BC trout sometime and a cast or two over some tropical salt flats for whatever takes. I want a fast action light rod and already have 9 and 10 wts. My question is that I have read on some site that only the 7 wt is considered a medium fast action while all other weights in the series are considered fast. Does anyone know if this is true by experience or hearsay?
  16. Now I think I am going to have to report you to the Environmental Protection Agency for getting within 50 yards of a whale. You know, lies are always going to catch up with you
  17. steelheader69, you are too honest. I will make up a story for you: about a 15 lb (not sure because it was released) summer run steelhead on #20 elk hair caddis on a 3 lb tippet. The line got snagged in overhanging branches with the fly dangling a few inches above the surface, it was enough to entice the fish to take and pull the line off the branches. After about a 10 minute fight you broke the fish off so as prevent lactic acid buildup - a good conservation action. Me personally: well I will use the above story too. I know that on the Riviere Moisie on the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, very small flies are the norm for catching some very large Atlantic salmon.
  18. I like old English wets or flies of that style. I like a little blob of robust dubbing (something like seal) just behind the soft hackle to bounce it up. The fly will sort of pulse then. UK seatrout flies often seem to be like that. I attached a scan of one I tied with some soft pheasant hackle, thin deep red body and burnt orange seal dubbing. I think the marabou tail should be changed to hair or soft webby hackly fibers.
  19. I have three that I use: Hardy LRH Lightweight, Okuma integrity, Hardy Uniqua (from the 1930's). They are all fine for the primarily small river fishing that I do. I recently lined the Uniqua with a 4 wt and there is a bit of backing but not much. I do not ever fish anything with my 5 wt that would take me into the backing even though the Okuma and the LRH hold a fair amount of backing with a 90-100 ft WF5 line. I would suggest a look at Pflueger and Redington for what appear to be good quality and nice looking reels for a decent price.
  20. fish

    Art Flies

    I bought a set of 12 and they really are amazing pieces of work. Very realistic and robust. They seem to be awfully inexpensive for the quality of the flies. That said, I rarely use them. I caught a brook trout and a rainbow on them but I do not really like the very narrow hook gape because I find I miss hook-ups. Still, they are on good quality hooks and specifically designed for nymphs like this so perhaps others like them more. I would recommend anyone to buy a set. I do not know the tier, nor do I have anything to gain by their sale.
  21. slightly off traditional but I have started using crystal dub to flash up some of my hares ear nymphs. I am not sure if crystal dub is a trademark or a common name. Anyway, it is standard rabbit dubbing with guard hairs and then a small amount of fine crystal flash added to the mix. Fish seem to like it and I sure do. Caught a bunch of brook trout last weekend with a bug-eyed hares ear nymph using the crystal dub.
  22. Yesterday I bought some olive CDC - "cul de canard" or "duck ass" as I like to call it. It is kind of pricey, a little bag of perhaps 25 feathers was $3.50 CDN or $0.10 US (just kidding about $2.50 US). I kind of like the ephemerel bulk it adds to some flies I have seen in photos but I have never fished a fly made with it. Anyone else using it, what kinds of patterns, are there a special situations where it is particularly useful, advice on how to fish flies made with it?
  23. This happens to me more often than I am willing to report, happened this weekend. Am I the only one? I have to take a leak so I leave the river, walk into the woods a bit, unsnap the wader shoulder straps... you have at least gone this far before I am sure. Anyway, I wrap back up again walk back to the river only to feel my pants slipping down on each step so that by the time I get to the river they are all down below my hips in my waders. Then of course I need to get all straightened out on the river bank and if anyone else is there they wonder what the hell I am doing with my arms inside my waders. Maybe it is because it is still so early in the season and I have buck fever so don't think about the two layers. Dan
  24. That is a lot of good information, thanks. I am going to target them this spring. No steelhead around here and there is not too much happening until June unless you troll in some of the large lakes so targeting some suckers in streams sounds just right to me. I have caught them when I was a kid on bait in the summer and they do fight well for their size. It would be a challenge to catch a monster on light fly gear. Do you know if they will eat each others eggs during spawning? Do they have white eggs or the standard salmon egg colour? Dan
  25. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fish: bead butts
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