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  1. Anyone ever caught a white sucker or any kind of sucker on a fly. I know that people do it but from what I have read, it seems to be more a matter of luck than anything else. They spawn in the spring and I know that at the end of May they will be on the move here in Quebec so I would like to have a go at them. Any tips? Dan
  2. fish

    Shad Cam!

    I'd say this calls for the 10 wt and don't bother to pinch the barb
  3. fish

    Shad Cam!

    Dorsal and ventral views suggests we observed the same species, perhaps even the same specimen. I am intrigued by the small bright orange appendage on the head, do you think it is to attract mates or perhaps draw small bait fish closer?
  4. fish

    Shad Cam!

    This is the most action I have seen yet on the shad cam. What species is it anyway?
  5. fish

    Shad Cam!

    man, I have been watching that thing for about a week now. Quick glances a few times an hour and I have seen nothing. Did anybody freeze a still from it that has a fish in it? Next time you see a fish, could you keep a still of it (right click and go to save image or save picture) and post it here? Dan
  6. How many days a year do you fsih? not many unfortunately, say 25 Do you keep every fish you catch? no. I do not keep any unless they are injured to a point where I think it will die anyway. That rarely happens though. What do you fish for? brook trout and Atlantic salmon, but rainbows and cutthroats and browns if I make it out to BC Whats your favorite fish to eat? haddock What is the best way to release any fish? leave it in the water if you can. Wash the deet off your hands before you touch the fish
  7. for a trout bum you tie a mighty nice salmon fly
  8. fish

    Dark Spruce

    Thanks guys, a nice confidence boost. Dan
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fish: silorbrown sewin
  10. Just out of curiousity, do you think you know when a fly was tied by a left-handed or right-handed person?I cannot really but sometimes I think a hint can be the direction of winding ribs, I sometimes wind it in reverse though so it is obviously not a great indicator. A related question that comes to mind, is it common for most rightys to wind thread clockwise if you were looking at a fly eye-on and leftys to wind counter-clockwise? Dan
  11. We have a family story that makes us howl with laughter. It probably has some element of truth but don't ask me how much. We knew a guy who lived on the Bras D'or lakes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada who for one summer seemed to be the playmate of a local cod. You also need to know that if something weird was going to happen to somebody it was going to be this guy - he was a legend. When he used to swim, the cod would come up underneath and take nips at him. The cod bothered nobody else. It got to the point that his wife would go to the beach before his swim and beat the water with a paddle to scare away the cod. Alas, there are far fewer cod around these days.
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fish: Dark Spruce
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