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  1. Neat! I didn't know. I was thinking and thinking and was going to bend a paper clip when the light bulb went on. Hope this helps anyway. Rocco, I haven't found anything that stops them from chipping with heavy use. I usually have them bitten off by pickerel eventually anyway. Mike B
  2. I always painted them once on the fly - I thought about how to hold multiples to paint ahead of time... ask the lady of the house for some old-style bobby pins. The ones my wife had will hold 4 each. Hope this helps. Mike B
  3. Where do you live? The Lagrange point between Earth and the Moon? Too bad this site doesn't have a "like button" lol I would have "liked" this! Mike B
  4. The silicone skirt material should be fine and last without becoming sticky, though some of the cheapie older latex skirt material would melt/rot. Surely I would land such caddis in tree limbs along the streams well before that happened though, so I personally wouldn't worry. Mike B
  5. How r the reels? They seem to be quality-built, nice anodizing, sound nice. Just playing with it for a moment doesn't tell me much more than that, but both folks are happy with them - that's the most important thing. Mike B
  6. Big crappies in my home lake (PA) are suckers for Chartreuse and White Clousers, size 6 and 4 - like magic! Mike B
  7. Honestly, if I don't recognize the number (be it a call to my home phone OR my cell) - I'll let them leave a message. If its legitimate, they will leave a message with the pertinent info, and I will call them back. Mike B
  8. Started in 7th grade, I joined the "Fly Tying Club" at my middle school... I am 47 now. How long is that? Mike B
  9. Yay, free! Thanks much for the lead. They seem like nice folks, and I have some friends that fish their gear. (reels). Mike B
  10. Having fished saltwater fly prior to trying for Musky, I'd say "decent loop" is a kind of relative term, lol.Mike B
  11. Yeah! Thanks!! I also found this one - easier than I thought. Thanks for the help. https://youtu.be/Q74woOkzyE8 Mike B ETA: yup, the same guy with the fuzzy brown beard, LOL.
  12. Can anyone point me to a way to tie a nice easy mono weedguard for some bass flies I am working on? Thanks much! Mike B
  13. Some new names are good... For as many flies as I put in the trees here in Northeast PA, I am thankful for Saber hooks @ around 6-7 bucks per hundred... first found them at the Fly Fishing show. Now buy them direct from same retailer. They work darn well when actually contacting trout, too. Mike B
  14. It sounds like the OP would be best served by a new "outfit" by one of the majors. Orvis, for example, has the "Encounter" series - rod and reel outfit with line for $169, I am sure the other quality brands have similar. This is where I would start if I didn't have rods stacked like cordwood! Mike B
  15. Its only an offense if your flies look like you were drinking lmao. As one who drinks and ties, for well over 30 years now, I've noticed the fish care not a whit... (I tie somewhat poorly sober as well...) Mike B PS: I have a similar vise, I had a Griffin 2A for nearly 20 years, Mrs. Skeet6 bought me a Griffin Odyssey cam type last year, it's great - and yeah, I think the O-ring they give is a spare. You'll find the O-rings help to set the tension on the rotary feature.
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