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  1. "I don't care how you do it, unless you are tenkara fishing, because that's just stupid" - that made me giggle. He's got some funny videos! Mike B
  2. My wife and I like when the Goldfinches arrive! Beautiful pics! Mike B
  3. Glocks and all the modern tupperware pistols are nice, but for every day carry, I still like a snubbie S&W. When fishing remote, or when baby and mama bears might surprise me, (or I might surprise them!) I carry a Springfield XD 45 compact. Normal every day carry, usually a S&W snubbie. Mike B
  4. Neat! I didn't know. I was thinking and thinking and was going to bend a paper clip when the light bulb went on. Hope this helps anyway. Rocco, I haven't found anything that stops them from chipping with heavy use. I usually have them bitten off by pickerel eventually anyway. Mike B
  5. I always painted them once on the fly - I thought about how to hold multiples to paint ahead of time... ask the lady of the house for some old-style bobby pins. The ones my wife had will hold 4 each. Hope this helps. Mike B
  6. Where do you live? The Lagrange point between Earth and the Moon? Too bad this site doesn't have a "like button" lol I would have "liked" this! Mike B
  7. The silicone skirt material should be fine and last without becoming sticky, though some of the cheapie older latex skirt material would melt/rot. Surely I would land such caddis in tree limbs along the streams well before that happened though, so I personally wouldn't worry. Mike B
  8. How r the reels? They seem to be quality-built, nice anodizing, sound nice. Just playing with it for a moment doesn't tell me much more than that, but both folks are happy with them - that's the most important thing. Mike B
  9. Big crappies in my home lake (PA) are suckers for Chartreuse and White Clousers, size 6 and 4 - like magic! Mike B
  10. Honestly, if I don't recognize the number (be it a call to my home phone OR my cell) - I'll let them leave a message. If its legitimate, they will leave a message with the pertinent info, and I will call them back. Mike B
  11. Started in 7th grade, I joined the "Fly Tying Club" at my middle school... I am 47 now. How long is that? Mike B
  12. Yay, free! Thanks much for the lead. They seem like nice folks, and I have some friends that fish their gear. (reels). Mike B
  13. Having fished saltwater fly prior to trying for Musky, I'd say "decent loop" is a kind of relative term, lol.Mike B
  14. Yeah! Thanks!! I also found this one - easier than I thought. Thanks for the help. https://youtu.be/Q74woOkzyE8 Mike B ETA: yup, the same guy with the fuzzy brown beard, LOL.
  15. Can anyone point me to a way to tie a nice easy mono weedguard for some bass flies I am working on? Thanks much! Mike B
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