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  1. Hello Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a few flies one of which being a parachute adams. However the parachute adams he gave to me (and tied himself) had the post clipped almost flush with the hackle. He told me he tied them this way because with the taller post the fly would always land on its side. So my questions are, does the post serve a function other than just being a sighter? Does a shorter post help the fly land correctly more often? Do any of you guys tie you parachute flies with small posts?
  2. You have filled up your boxes to the brim with every fly you could ever dream of needing in all posible senerios. I am assuming like me, most of you started tying simply so you could have flies to fish with. Maybe you thought you would save a little money (probobly ends up being the other way around) along the way and it would quell your curiosity about have flies are made. However the underlying purpose of tying flies is so you can fish them. So i am wondering what happens once you have all the flies you will ever need to fish with. I personally am still in the process of filling my boxes for the first time ever. I love fly tying but i love it for the finished product of ready to fish flies filling my boxes. I don't love this art for the process of tying the flies. Some part of me thinks i will never stop tying because i will never run out of flies that i think i "need". Im I'm curious what you guys think of this topic. And whether or not you have ever felt that you dont need anymore flies. -Oliver
  3. Count me in please. Flies TBA. Thanks for hosting
  4. I have used a variation of it for trout on a small Maryland tailwater and it did the trick. I spiced it up a bit with different color combos, flash, and rubber legs for the bass and panfish in this swap.
  5. Thanks Joseph i am excited to be a part of my first swap. Thanks for hosting
  6. I am in if there is room. This will be by first fly swap although i have been tying for 2 years, So i will have to ask what exactly is a toe tag?
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