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  1. QUOTE (lanvaettir @ Feb 20 2004, 02:54 PM) If you're looking for a single 2-3 day float with awsome views, big fish and occasional class III rapids I would strongly recommend the Black Canyon of the Gunnison near Telluride Colorado. If you want more after that you can also drift the Animas river near Durango. TU did shows on both last year and both rock! After that you can hit the San Juan just over the border in New Mexico. Have heard that is grand!! Can you take a jet boat rigged to row down it?
  2. Wow! Thank you one and all! All I need is time to play on here. Unfortunately work gets in the way. Yes, I can't wait to teach the grands how to fly fish. May start this summer. Have a grandson who should be old enough but will depend on if he can concentrate that long. My oldest grandgirl will definitely learn this summer. She's 11 but quite short. May have an old rod short enough for a short blonde OSD, what a grand pic! Love Russells! Wish I could find one of my Monster Mati when she dove in the water after a fish I had on the line.
  3. My sage is a 6wt and is 8 1/2' in length. I dearly love it. Was a gift so I didn't have to choke over the price tag. My husband uses a 8 1/2' Fennwick and won't trade it. His action is to whippy for me. We use Cortland floating line as opposed to anything else cuz they float well and last a long time. Even with my wind knots they hold up
  4. As I've told you before, I use a Sage with fairly light action. It makes it easier to throw distances as I'm short on one end. I also use a Mitchell multiplier reel. I love the having the opportunity to fight a fish and reel it in. Adds to the sport. My dad uses a push-button reel which is okay and keeps it up off the floor of the boat but it isn't as fun.
  5. QUOTE (Fatman @ Feb 20 2004, 10:55 AM) Janey, Nice to have another lady on the board. Hope you enjoy yourself and don't worry too much about the nuts around here they're harmless, unless you post a picture and you get a makeover LOL. Enjoy. Fatman Thank you! It is grand being a lady and grand being on board! I'd rather do this than work -- heck I'd rather do anything almost than work (which is what I'm supposed to be doing right now). ::lol I am old so can do a pretty good job of taking care of myself. If nothing else works I cry
  6. QUOTE (Bear Coat @ Feb 20 2004, 10:33 AM) I don't remember you saying you had a Jack Russell Terrier , and yes, mine owns me too. I did tie a nymph from her sheddings and dubbed it on. I even caught a Smallmouth on it. I called the "The Little Rasquel". You too have a Russell? I knew I liked you! My son has all my fly tying stuff and is reluctant about giving it back. Maybe I'll try tying one using Mathilda Peabody's hair. What a grand idea!!
  7. QUOTE (TroutBum @ Feb 20 2004, 10:31 AM) Welcome to the Forum JM. My favorite trout fishing place on this planet is the Henry's Fork, you're a lucky lady to liv in such a beautiful place. I haven't fished the Henry's in a long time. Have you ever fished the South Fork? During the main hatch it's way too crowded but then, I don't fish weekends in the summer.
  8. I'm an old broad from Southeaster Idaho. I live to fish. I spend as much time on the South Fork of the Snake as possible. Some people use lures but I'm a diehard fly fisherman. Life is good when I'm floating and throwing a fly. In my other life I teach English in high school. I have a Jack Russell Terrier who owns me, I've been married for almost 36 years, have 2 kids, 6 grandkids, 2 grandpuppies, and 2 grandkitties. I love my grandkids but love flyfishing as well. Will teach my grands how to flyfish as soon as they are tall enough
  9. I fish the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. Championship dry and wet fly fishing. Have a 28 inch 7 pound cutthroat on my wall. Landed him in front of my home. WaHoo!
  10. QUOTE (willie @ Feb 16 2004, 04:19 AM) Try eastern Idaho around Idaho Falls. From there you can float the Henry's Fork of the Snake, The South Fork, and the Teton river. The South fork and Henry's Fork of the Snake river are both known for their excellent dry fly fishing and best of all the three rivers are all within 1 to 1 1/2 hours drive from Idaho Falls or even Driggs. Don't let people scare you away from the Teton, it is an awesome river in the canyon stretch. Especially in late summer when hoppers are everywhere. Watch out for the rattlers though. -- Willie I have to second that!! Best fly fishing you'll find! ::fish The Teton is grand, but of the 3 I love the South Fork. You can make a two day float if you go from the damn down and stay in the canyon at one of those camp grounds. Excellent!!!
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