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  1. I think it depends on where he fishes though. The tail-water I fish (Cumberland River) would move a pontoon too fast to fish right. A tube will let you slow down and really work spaces over. On a pond or lake though, I'd agree that a pontoon is better.
  2. Checked out the instructions on your site. That's a dandy little crawdad imitation. Clipping rabbit strips and adding segmentation to them by using red thread is a great idea!
  3. Plenty of foam there if you have a mobile presentation.... I'm not sure about that, you'd really have to strip that thing non stop so it wouldn't sink. A larger foam head or foam under body could help it float higher.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try the Red Azz and the Mop and Glo. It's funny the fly patterns that always seem to evolve over time and become the "hot one."
  5. I am doing a fly tying demonstration at my local fly fishing club and I'm not sure what to tie. They asked that I tie nymphs for southeastern tail-waters, but truthfully it can be any popular fly that works on any other tail-water in the US either. Mostly what I fish revolves around the classic GRHE, Prince, and PT nymph. I know there are a lot of new and interesting nymphs being created and tied all the time. Is there a hot nymph on your water that you could recommend me tying? Much thanks in advance for all your input! JGR
  6. I know there are flies we love to the but are there some you don't care to tie but do anyway? And why?
  7. None taken, I think there's nothing worse than spamming. I think a lot of people get into blogging thinking they can make money from it and then start obsessing over Google search stats and what not and then after a few months realize it's a pipe dream. I will most definitely be on this site poking around and adding value where I can.
  8. Hi, I guess I'm one of those "I used to fly fish and fly tie a lot but life got in the way" type of person. Yes, I am very grateful to have a career and a family who care for me but I'd like to get back into the hobby, maybe not like how I used to be, but at least at a point where I'm tying regularly and fly fishing sometimes. I guess I'm also just holding the line until my son gets old enough to fish with me! So, how did I get into fly tying? Answer is simple, the old fashioned way: I joined a local fly fishing club and took classes. From there I obsessed over fin and feather as a bachelor and climbed the ranks in the local FF community until I met an amazing lady that changed everything. As far as the "hops" part that's from me enjoying American craft beer. One last bit, I used to blog a lot about fly fishing but blew that site up. I've started a new one and am dropping new essays and reviews on to it. If you want, feel free to visit www.hopsandhooks.com. As a side note, one of my goals was to build a site from scratch, so it doesn't look that great, but I built it from the ground up using Notepad and HTML. I will work on making it more attractive but for the time being that's what it is and I like it. Thanks for reading! JGR
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