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  1. Skip Morris and the Kaufman books. Great starters, am still learning stuff from them.
  2. I have to agree, these are great books with great instructions, Later on I would get the bench side reference though. Can't say enough about Skip Morris and Kaufman books. Spent the last week thumbing through them and am still learning new things and brushing up on some other techniques.
  3. Good job those look like fish catchers.
  4. OK, Spent most of the camping trip showing guests different bugs in the river and then explaining to them about hatches when the fish started jumping in the river that afternoon, Then while cleaning out the pool for the grandkids today I was more interested in showing them nympths and dead spinners that I was scooping out of the pool. Then after tying my first elk hair caddis I spent five minutes chasing a caddis fly around my garage so I could show them what a real one looked like. Yeah I have fly tying and fly fishing on the brain.
  5. Finally found this website again. Used to go to it a lot but computer crashed and couldn't remember the name. One of the first sites I found when learning to tie flys. Glad to be back. Now maybe I can finish those flys I saw in here a couple of years ago. Should have registered the first time I guess.. Great forum.
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