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  1. In-line mono loop guards work very well. Here's a how-to video: https://olefloridaflyshop.com/fly-tying/how-to-prevent-rabbit-strips-from-fouling-with-pat-cohen/
  2. Here is an awesome little trick Pat Cohen learned from an old legend (Chris Helm I believe), that will make your life exponentially easier when trying to finish a fly with a giant mass of deer hair covering the eye of the hook. Video: How to Whip Finish Deer Hair/Bulky Flies
  3. There’s a ton of them around, they’re frisky, and they’re eating flies with vigor. Capt. Jason Sullivan talks baby tarpon in the early fall Everglades fishing report. Capt. Jason's report: Baby Tarpon Galore - October Everglades Fishing Report
  4. The H3 was released under the headline the most accurate rod to date. Since dampening tip vibration for straight tracking has been an ongoing progression in rods, and accuracy is ultimately in the hands of the caster, we needed to test the H3 in one of the most accuracy dependent fisheries on the planet to see what the hype was about and what the H3 is really capable of. Video review: Orvis Helios 3 Review: On the Water Biscayne Bay
  5. The scoop on what went down at IFTD 2017: SALT HD, SDF, Helios 3 and the IFTD 2017 All-Stars
  6. If you've ever wondered what the difference between stacking vs spinning hair is, or if you've never heard of stacking hair, Pat Cohen explains the techniques here and shows how to achieve a little more control through stacking when building dense heads and bodies. Video: Stacking vs Spinning Deer Hair with Pat Cohen
  7. Exactly Josh, and it's pretty slick so it won't catch the hair.
  8. If you find yourself breaking thread (and then cursing) when trying to cinch down on deer hair bugs, Pat Cohen has the solution. Video: Using the Right Thread for Deer Hair Work with Pat Cohen
  9. Pat Cohen will be at Ole Florida Fly Shop this weekend doing fly tying seminars all day June 3rd & 4th. Coming from upstate New York, he grew to specialize in deer hair bass bugs - although he has the passion and skills to pick any species and tie something they can't resist. If you're in the area and are interested in learning to spin deer hair or perfecting your technique, this is the guy to watch and talk to. You can see more of Pat's work on Instagram @rusuperfly or his website: rusuperfly.com More information on the seminars: Pat Cohen 2017 Fly Tying Seminar
  10. Abel just released its new Super Series. They took what they're best known for - silky smooth cork drag system and virtually indestructible frame - and modernized it. For the gear heads/gear junkies here, check out the evolution of the Super Series: How The Abel Super Series Was Revamped For 2017
  11. We recently had Capt. Scott Hamilton sharing information that can only be obtained by spending countless years on the water. From educating a school of dolphin, to setting the hook on bolting fish, there's something in Capt. Scott's presentation for everyone. If you're an experienced offshore angler or looking to dip your toes into offshore fly fishing, sit back and soak it all up. Chances are by the end you’ll be itching to get offshore, I sure am. Video: Capt. Scott Hamilton Talks Offshore Fly Fishing
  12. When it comes to representing the tiny shrimp and glass minnows in the dock lights, the translucency and micro-movement of the What's Up Dock put it in the cream of the crop. Time after time the WUD coerces snook into eating first and asking questions later. Learn how to make every wisp count in the What's Up Dock tying video. Video Instuctions: Tying The What's Up Dock Snook Fly What's Up Dock Materials: Hook: Tiemco 811S #6 Thread: Ultra Thread 140 White Eyes: Mono Eyes Med Flash: Krystal Flash Peacock Wing: SF Blend White Body: Master Bright Pearl
  13. Nautilus XL Max and new Redington Rise are great bang for the buck. http://olefloridaflyshop.com/shop/reels/redington-rise-iii/
  14. Capt. Patrick Smith lays out some of the tips, tactics, and tackle that he uses with great success on these beautiful fish that will absolutely tear up your gear and sometimes leave you wondering what just happened. But no matter what, always seem to leave an ear to ear smile on your face : Linesiders On The Darkside: Fly Fishing For Snook At Night
  15. For redfish from Louisiana to Key Largo, the Red Jig Slider pushes a lot of water, has a ton of food-like movement, and gets down to the fish. The wide gap jig hook has a good track record of finding fish lips, and the heavy Tungsten Hour Glass eyes make sure the fly flips over and swims correctly. Although the hair is spun on the top side of the hook shank (the side the fish see), mastering the technique lays the groundwork for creating all kinds of spun deer hair heads and bodies. Video Instructions: How To Tie The Red Jig Slider Red Jig Slider Materials: Hook: Mustad Wide Gap Jig Hook 91768NP-BN #1/0 Thread: Ultra GSP Thread 75 Orange Eyes: Flat-End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes Gold Med with 3D Eyes 3/16″ Solid Orange Tail Guard: Mason Hard Type Nylon 20 lb. Tail: Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips Black Barred Orange Over Tan Collar: Rabbit Strips Crosscut Tan Head: Premo Deer Hair Strips Rusty Brown, Orange Weedguard: Mason Hard Type Nylon 20 lb.
  16. Thanks FlatsRoamer & islander727. Agn, agreed, slowly stripping & twitching the PFM is my favorite way to fish finicky snook.
  17. We'd go so far as to call the Polar Fiber Minnow a modern Lefty's Deceiver due to its effectiveness in nearly every situation where fish are eating smaller fish. The key is to figure out the right amount of material to create that natural baitfish profile, then you can adapt colors and size to match the available prey or stand out from the crowd. Video Tutorial: How to tie the Polar Fiber Minnow Polar Fiber Minnow Materials: Hook: Gamakatsu C14S #4 Thread: Monofilament Thread .006 Eyes: Sticky Eyes 7/32″ Offset Pupil Flash: Gliss ‘N Glow Silver Gills: Fluoro Fiber Hot Orange Body: Polar Fiber White Head: Z-Poxy 5 min
  18. Good points. I agree that a good caster can do well with whatever rod is in his or her hand. We'll do mid-point and entry-level rod reviews at some point as well. That being said, a comparison between a top of the line rod and a lower end rod would be unfair. I can't compare a honda civic to a laborghini aventador. True both would get you where you need to go, but the lambo is going to be much more enjoyable. The new technology which makes each rod so expensive is definitely an upgrade to any other rod that you'd have to feel. The way each rod effortlessly loads up and quickly generates line speed, then completely eliminates wobble and lateral movement at the end of the cast undeniably produces more accurate casts and is something I've never felt before in another rod. Not to mention they're the two lightest 8 weights I've ever held. Distance wise, Gene averaged 80' with the Meridian and 75' with the X. I don't believe distance is nearly as important as accuracy in most actual fishing situations, however I do believe that someone who consistently casts 80' with other rods would be able to reach 90+ feet with the Sage or Scott.
  19. The Sage X and the Scott Meridian are the class leaders when it comes to 8-10 weight saltwater fly rods. So we decided to compare the two. We put the sticks in our FFF certified casting instructor Gene Geppert's hands and asked him to evaluate each rod then give an analysis at the end. He tested each rod for its performance on distance casts, accuracy on 40' casts, and subjective "feel" on fishing casts. Both rods were the 9' 8 weight model and were strapped with a Tibor Back Country Wide with RIO Bonefish WF8F fly line. Check out the results: Sage X vs. Scott Meridian Fly Rod Review I've had the opportunity to fish both rods and loved them equally. In the post and video though Gene makes a good point about casting style, which I think is good to keep in mind when deciding between any two rods. If you've fished either of these rods feel free to let me know what you think.
  20. Badass bugs. The kind that fall off a mangrove root right into a redfish's mouth
  21. Agn54 that's a fishy fly right there! Caloosa the epoxy head adds a little weight to the fly which I believe is part of the reason for its success. Thanks!
  22. The Eat Me is one of our best selling flies and one of the most productive baitfish patterns around. The Ole Florida style Eat Me differs from Capt. Scott Hamilton's original in that all the materials are tied on top of the hook. This helps prevent fouling. Due to popular demand, we've uploaded an Eat Me tying instructions video. The video includes tips on tapering the Super Hair and creating the epoxy head. Mastering those enables you to modify colors and size to match the baitfish that your target species is feeding on. The Olive/Polar Bear fly in the video is our standard pilchard imitation that consistently fools snook, tarpon, dolphin, albies and a multitude of other inshore and offshore saltwater species. Video Instructions: Tying The Eat Me Fly (Ole Florida Style) Materials: Hook: Mustad C68SNP-DT #4 Thread: Monofilament Thread .006 Eyes: 3D Eyes 3/16″ Silver Flash: Polarflash Green Pearl, Dark Olive Pearl Body: Super Hair Polar Bear, Olive Head: Z-Poxy 5 min
  23. No worries, It is a bit humorous how long it takes to pull the legs out one by one when they get trapped in the fibers. Thanks for sharing your way of doing it, anything to save time is worth it.
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