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  1. Theres alot of nice flies this month Some I didnt know that were possible to tie
  2. A armadillo eyelashes Thats a new one
  3. Is possum dubbing from a actual possum because I have some possums outside...
  4. Thank you both for your service, and fighting for our country and freedom. So I can do the things I love like flytying. There not enough gratitude I can give to show my appreciation.
  5. 3 dozen dang thats awsome, what is the average price for hackle?
  6. If your talking about the rooster ill take one tommorow
  7. Thats a let down I have silver laced wyandottes but their crossed with something, can you breed guines till you get like a super guinea?
  8. I have a farm with chickens, guineas, rabbits, etc And I seen that whiting gives murray mcmurray chikens that lay blue eggs. Which gave me the idea "what if I can buy the real deal" so there my question can I buy whiting chicks The other reason is I live far out like big foot sleeps in my back yard. So its hard to just say oh ill just stroll to the store and get some hackle.
  9. They'll let the world know what you did for hours. Haha
  10. Thought I should contribute atleast once.
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