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  1. Yeah, I'm new in fly tying so there are a lot of materials I haven't seen yet. I've only seen deer hair dyed for most common colours like black, olive but never seen claret and that blue which seems a sort of guinea fowl dyed blue or blue jay (to me) I'll tie some flies and see them in action in the water, which is the most important thing!
  2. thanks all for comments. The colour of it confused me, as I didn't ever see deer hair of those colours. I'll try to tie in the natural deer hair I've got, and see how it works in the water
  3. Hi guys, I found on internet a few flies with a muddler head on them. I know the technique using the deer hair, but in this case it seems a different material to me. Am I wrong? Could be the hackle tied in a particular way and then trimmed? Because in the picture the head seems the very same colour of the hackle..
  4. Hi Piker, yes it's a Spring salmon lough. I'll have shrimp patterns and other traditional flies, I was just looking for info about those which I don't know to see if I can tie some of them. In particular that Jonah Lomu fly, when google it I get only results on the rugby player, which is not bad as I'm a rugbyman too
  5. How are you lads, at the end of April I'm going to fish a lake here in Ireland, and I've been told which flies are the best for it. Unfortunately, I've never heard of some of them, and am not able to find anything on the web. Anyone who can help with this? The patterns are: - Carramore Zulu (Carrowmore lake) - Jonah Lomu - Jaffa - Black Dabbler also, a "long tailed" version of the Bibio, which I know. But no idea what they mean with long tail any help will be highly appreciated!
  6. I'll do it right now Regarding the number of answer, I'm used to this, the more I read the more I'm confused
  7. Hi lads, I'm Mattia, an Italian guy living in Galway, Ireland. New to fly tying, I'll bother you with a few questions Congrats for the forum which is great! tight lines Mattia
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