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  1. I would like in on this one. I will do the best I can with the salmon flies. Outside of the grocery stores, we just don't have many salmon in Arkansas. I will let you know on the pattern.
  2. Same goes for me. I put a couple of extras in there anyways. So do whatever with them, I don't need them back. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. It happens to all of us.
  3. Mine are going in the mail tomorrow. The post office is already closed here where I live.
  4. I am in with a CST (Cast Sink Twitch) fly I have developed over the years.
  5. I got my flies the other day. Everyone did a really great job. I'll get to try them out in a month or two. Look out Largemouths! Some asked about the 24's. They are packed instead of spun. I can't spin deer hair to well. I used natural turkey flats for the back. Have fun with your flies everyone. Thanks for hosting Chrisfish.
  6. Those should be good. They look nice. I don't use hooks on mine. I use a 3/8" nylon rope. Burn the end and fray it out. I whip 1 1/2' of 30 lb. mono on it and fish it like that. Sometimes I use a large foam popper head with a tube in it and slide that on the mono ahead of the rope. I always keep a handful of these with me in the summer time.
  7. I would believe it that black bear hair is no longer used on most commercially tied flies. Squirrel is cheaper and easier to get. What I have is a rather large patch of hide probablly from the back or side. I don't have the mask. The more I think about it, this might make a nice woven body stone. I'll have to see what I can come up with.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'll try tying some of these.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking of the wings for streamers. I had not thought about the under fur. Do you know any specific patterns?
  10. I forgot about Gar. We use nylong rope frayed with a 30# mono loop whipped on the end. Mostly just long nose gar. Alligator gar get up to 8' in length. I don't think a real big one (200 + lbs.) has ever been landed on a fly rod.
  11. I just got a large piece of black bear hide. Any suggestions on what can I tie with it?
  12. Man that fly is awesome. How does it cast, any leader twisting? The spring bass will smash that. Big Browns at night would like it to.
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