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  1. I believe you are correct, troutbum, but all I did was modify those flies in that pic - they are not my own ties or creations. (don't I wish) The lower bodies, though, are bucktail and most of the upper, longer fibers seem to be EP, or maybe some "Super hair" or Supreme hair or something in there as well. Some of it almost has a crimped look, but some of the material does not. The chartreuse and white version I am so fond of can barely be seen at the right of that pic, but its makeup is the same...bucktail, EP/hair ? and krystal flash, with epoxy heads. In that one there is some dark green EP/hair along the spine of the fly to go with the chartreuse and white. Fly tying is new to me, so for now these are the types I model my poor pike fly imitations after ...but we're getting there Those in the picture are called 'sucker perch' flies on the site where I got them - Lost Creek Flies I think it was called. They come with weed guards as well (which I most of the time clip off with pliers)
  2. As many here (and you, troutbum) have mentioned, I too feel that any issue you might find with your 8-wt. will be casting into a stiff wind, not the matter of handling the fish. Though there are times when my only chance to get out requires enduring ugly winds, casting into it is not my favorite way to spend a day. With that said, for my two cents it is a fine choice for pike. It is what I use. Hands down my favorite fly is a Lefty's Deceiver (or similar) in chartreuse and green, or a chartreuse/yellow/olive combo like in the pic below. I like larger flies better, as we are often out for the bigger fish - not that "smaller" ones aren't going to smash it on you anyway. For leaders, I take the easy way out and use climax pike leaders. They have a wire front end and -as they say- an 'aggressive taper' that does help flip those big gnarly flies out there in a breeze. First site I found from google: https://www.fishingmegastore.com/climax-pike-leader~17248.html They come with crimpable ferrules, which are permanent until you cut off they fly and use another ferrule, so if you change often, this could maybe not be the leader for you. (Only two ferrules come in each pack) If you specifically get after the large ones, I also recommend two-hook setups (trailers). I have had more pike than I care to admit shake off, when they finally got all that hair from an 8 or 9 inch fly untangled and realized the hook never sank home despite several attempts to set it. So many teeth in those cavernous mouths of the big boys that sometimes things tangle up and the hook doesn't get set as it should, or so it seems in my experience. I personally have not found a trailer wire setup I like yet, so I go jerry-rigged in this regard. I use a swivel and split ring combo secured to the hook with powerpro, and that has not failed me...yet. Bulky, but they do not seem to care. This also keeps the hook swung up and back in case they hit or nip at it during a strip, and yet dangles it down during the fall/flutter which most often is when they seem to pop it. A pic of this: I am anxious to get out and hit the creeks for big pike here shortly...the big mamas should be posting up for the spawn before too long...I know I am new here, so for "credibility's" sake...here are some recent friends we've made... A 46 (inch) and a 45 in there 38 Another 46
  3. Ha!...it is that very same ferocious beast, mikechell. The Ermine, I mean. Though the black tip on that tail does look rather claw like, now that you mention it...
  4. Flytire - it would have been great if the order of your pics was reversed...I lost part of my eyesight on the first one and now I can't fully appreciate the second...
  5. Here's one wall's worth.... or, did you only mean the pieces we tie on hooks?....
  6. Thanks for the clarity, Mike and Roland. It now makes sense to me, that if each company makes a resin with a different wavelength, they can all sell us their own lights.
  7. Interesting... Not exactly about the resin from above posts, but a recent experience I had was that, in my impatience to wait for my "clear cure goo light" to arrive in the mail, I attempted to use a 75-watt blacklight bulb on some Loon UV Fly Paint with no success. Nada...not even after several minutes. Ended up just drizzling it back into the bottle to continue waiting for the light. Is the UV fly paint all that different? (asking out of ignorance of the makeup of them - but I do get that one is called 'paint' and the other, resin ) It surely fluoresces, and seems resin-like...but the blacklight was bad juju.
  8. I chose Goldens...they mean epic trips to extraordinary places...and you don't always find them where they are 'supposed' to be. I have never been on a trip where golden trout were caught, and NOT had a great time...
  9. Thanks, Mike! What you're saying makes sense to me. For now, I am only obsessed with tying the ones I do, or plan to, fish with soon. Guess I'll have to see if that stays true. and, for what it's worth... I'm with you...barbed hooks do rule...
  10. Hello There! Greetings from the shores of Lake Clark, AK. There are, well, a few fish around here.... I've been fishing a long time, but have been fly tying a little less than a year, so I'm still quite new to this side of things. I guess the short of it is that I finally realized it would be sooo much cheaper to tie my own, (though addictions like fly tying are never cheap) as there aren't many fly shops in remote Alaska. Looking forward to learning what I can, and sharing what I can somewhere along the line...I've already seen so many helpful posts I had to quit being a lurker and jump in. Branden
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