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  1. I revised my pattern. This is a #16 tied with a goose biot tip first. I also selected larger biots to give it the "Wally" look? ---John
  2. Thanks,I'll give the CDC a try.---John
  3. I hope I got this right. I use to use these all the time in #14 and #16. I bought them from Orvis. I finally got bold and tried tying some in olive and cream. I didn't have a recipe so I went by a picture I googled. I used a Mustad 3906 #14 hook, gold bead head(not sure of the size), Furline rabbit dubbing,brown goose biots and 8/0 Uni Thread. These were killers on the Farmington River in Ct.---John
  4. Why isn't emerger listed. I like tying and fishing BOTH types of emergers, actually there more than just mayfly or caddis emergers.---John
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