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  1. West Wall - I'm usually in there once or twice a week at least. If you haven't been in in a while you need to check it out, Josh has increased inventory dramatically since buying Shane out and the place looks great.
  2. Yeah, I thought about doing that but I think I'd rather pay a little more and help support my local shop. They put on tying demos, casting clinics, kayak demo days and lately have even been doing some Friday night fish porn at the shop (fly fishing movies and videos)... I love that I can stop in and chat and get advice and info on gear and materials or just tell and hear stories.
  3. Well, I took a couple of different hooks and flies - Size 8 Crazy Charlie and a 2/0 tarpon fly - Everything fit and held nice and tight and the vise is now sitting on the counter waiting for me to get going. Thanks for the help. Next up is a few tools, hooks, and assorted materials from my local fly shop...
  4. Thanks guys. I'm going to take a couple of my favorite flies to make sure it holds them. Hopefully everything looks as advertised - If it does you can definitely expect future posts from me asking about different ties...
  5. Looking at a used Griffin 3ARP tomorrow. Seller says it's in excellent condition. Anything special I should look for/at? I'll be tying larger (#6 and up) saltwater flies for reds, snook, and tarpon. Thanks for any advice, Daz
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