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  1. Anyone remember the movie Tommy boy? Chris Farley and David spade started in the movie. Anyways at one point they hit a deer place it in the car with him. Then down the road the buck awakens. Wasn't an academy award winner but it was funny especially when I was in high school. After the sea gull feather grab might have to find some from the imported geese from the north. JK
  2. Thanks for the info. so much for picking up "free" materials....
  3. Near the south holston river. Thanks flafly!!!
  4. I am from VA and looking to learn to fly tying. I have been fly fishing since about this time last year and felt like fly tying was a great next step to learn. I mainly fish for trout in VA rivers. While I want to start fly tying I mainly want to build up my wet flies then circle the wagons for drys. Thanks for the warm responses
  5. Thanks for the positive responses and advice. Can I ask a crazy question? What makes the quality of material? Can you feel or look at it and tell well this is crap or any telling characteristics? What about other wet fly patterns, what are some good ones to continue learning? Hooks for wet flies best at 8 and 10?
  6. Hello everyone. I am new to fly tying and look for some opinions and advice to get started. First I will be at first primary looking to Ty wet flies only with woolly bugger and pheasant tails first. After being bitten by the fly fishing bug I realize that fly tying could be necessary to fly fishing. I have been checking fly angler online for articles and such plus looking up other things on the interwebs. I really like this Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Gift Set with Fly Box Combo, http://www.amazon.com/Slick-Tying-Tools-Gift-Combo/dp/B002WS3CH6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1458227418&sr=8-2&keywords=dr+slick and this vise, http://www.amazon.com/Griffin-Vise-Superior-Fine-Point/dp/B003ESXFDY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458227512&sr=8-1&keywords=griffin+vise I also found this bundle set with the dr slick set and a vise, http://www.amazon.com/Bundle-Items-Griffin-Odyssey-Spider/dp/B01CDORR56/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458227590&sr=8-1&keywords=dr+slick+bundle I also seen orvis silver label kit and wondering if this is worthwhile to purchase What do you think of these items? would they be worthwhile to purchase or do you have any other recommendations? I understand most kits are crap even for beginners. I am all ears, would rather get advise then be stuck with something I cant use or dont like. I dont want to overload and buy more materials than I can use. also the size and types of hooks are critical. what's the best sizes for wet flies? Is flyanglingonline the best place for recipes? How crucial is a bench or is a table more important?
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