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  1. Maybe reread his post and the question he asks...
  2. When I first discovered this company it was b/c I was looking for beads. His are guaranteed 98% tungsten, I thought huh? With some research I found out tungsten beads are all made by two Chinese factories and at best 60-70 percent tungsten. His factory is in Germany. This led me on to other stuff from Chinese factories and I started finding stuff that made me realize brand loyalty is ridiculous as everyone's stuff is pretty much coming from the same place. Maybe a few design or color tweaks, but all the same...For Example. His hooks are designed by him using Hayabusa Steel, and in Japan. Need more info, give him a call. You'll find he is the one who actually picks up the phone and can answer all your questions from his 40+ years in the business. FYI, I'm not affiliated with this company just thought I'd pass on material info for the original poster. Maybe you should order some hooks and do your own comparison. Good luck...
  3. You may want to give Textreme products a try. Once I found this product line all my other threads just sit and collect dust. The U.S. distributor for them also sells other items and just launched his own brand of hooks. Some of the best I've ordered lately, not the normal Chinese junk everyone has with a label change only.
  4. I've been ordering for a couple of months now. As I understand it, they primary company, Master Nymph, is the only 100% US made fly rod, which is run by Nicole Darland, the original female fly fisher. The husband runs Nymph Master, and he comes from competitive fly fishing world. Anyway... My initial reason for ordering from them was to get the Bauer Flash, for Tiger Musky flies I was tying up. In the package, which was immaculately wrapped in this black in gray paper, was a whole bunch of extras. Some of which were their beads. The beads were solidly colored/bright, heavy, with no defects. They guarantee them to be 98% tungsten. Since then I've found out that most beads on the market are built by one of two companies in China, and are at best about 60-70% tungsten. Their bead company is in Germany. I took a chance and ordered some of their beads, dubbing & Textreme products, all of which were amazing. I've called a few times to talked to them about the Textreme stuff, and each time they went to shelves held the items in their hands and answered all my questions. The Textreme power thread is amazing stuff and it pretty much has replaced all my Veevus. I've also order some thread and I pretty much reach it for it first over my Uni & UTC anymore. I'm super pleased with them and glad I finally found them.
  5. Late to this thread, but figured I'd mention a company I found and have pretty much switched buying all my material from them. Their stuff the best I've seen, customer service is unbelievable, and they'll be doing hooks soon! Each order comes custom wrapped and has never taken more than two days to my door. When I've called the owner has always answered, is a wealth of knowledge, and gone out of his way to help. Here's their website, https://nymphmaster.com/
  6. Darby

    Sow Bug

    Flytire: I'll try the loose wraps on the material and then torque on the fold back. Dave G: I see a major flaw I have been doing on my pinch wrap, I have been pinching the thread onto the material and then torquing instead of getting that full wrap and then torquing upward. Thanks guys!, I really appreciate the tips and since I'm more visual, the videos. RLTW, Steve
  7. Darby

    Sow Bug

    Hello everyone, Don't really post much on here b/c with a little searching I normally can find someone who has already posted and the answer(s) I'm seeking. However, I'm having problem with securing the black Flashabou, to the back of the fly on a Sow Bug. My problem is as I wrap the thread to secure the Flashabou, it pulls it off center. Now, I don't know if a fish really cares or not, but every picture and video I've seen/watched has it right down the center of the back. Is there a preferred technique to keep it in place? Thanks, Steve
  8. Darby


    My son played for the Griz, and his wife is from Montana, so we'll first hit Missoula. Then we'll head up towards Great Falls, where his father & mother-in-law live. From there we're open, we've talked about heading to Livingston, or somewhere along the Yellowstone. It depends on where we get into the fish at...we're not going to leave a location for another if we're on the fish.
  9. Darby


    Well, not sure what happen to my post, but it showed up blank. I'll search and see if I can delete the blank post. Poopdeck, boy am I familiar with that! Tidewaterfly, WOW! I mean...WOW!
  10. Darby


    Hmmm, I was just wondering how you guys tie pre-trip, but those are excellent points!
  11. Darby


    My son and I are planning a trip to Montana and I've got a selection of flies I'm going to tie for the trip. At this time, I plan on taking three of each fly. If a fly states it can be tied from sizes 12-16, and the step-step shows it tied in a size 14, would you tie multiple 14's, or split up the sizes? I'm assuming most people travel with a vise & materials to tie what's working once on site. However, I'm still new to this, just bought my first house vise, and although I'm building my inventory, my materials at this time are to tie limited quantities of flies I've identified to take on the trip...Thanks.
  12. I'm new to this myself and had same problem. What I did for thread was find a package deal. I got one from Hook & Hackle, that comes in multiple colors. I probably try another brand next. Problem is I don't know what I don't know, so I'll try brands until I find one that suits me. And who knows if differences in threads are so slight that it'll never be a big deal to a neanderthal handed person like me. At that point it'll come down cost & shipping I'm thinking. As for hooks, I agree with flytire, Allen is the way to go. I called them and they squared me away big time. I ordered a bag of everything they recommended. BTW, how you liking that Peak Vise?
  13. I joined about a week ago and have spent many hours searching though hundreds of posts. I have found answers to all my questions, so I agree with some effort you can find answers to all your questions or help in making a decision, i.e., vises. However, it's a double edge sword...without all those similar posts and all the information/advise/links you guys have provided, guys like me wouldn't find answers. All in all, this is an amazing board with very knowledgable & helpful members. I would hate to see that a new person couldn't make a post under the beginner section of the forum. Thanks for everyone's efforts and patience with us newbies.
  14. Thanks everybody! Skeet, I'm a life member of the DAV. They and the American Legion have helped immensely with the SNAFU that is the VA. I retired from the Army, BTW. FlaFly, naw picked user name in honor of William O. Darby. Well, as I stated I spent most of the day/night digging through the archives. Found answers to all my questions. Tim C's, hook & hackle, and few others mentioned pretty much lay out what a beginner needs and how to start their inventory. Tim's website, Trout & Feathers, is fantastic! Tim, I don't know much you make it on here, but thanks for your efforts and hard work! Also mentioned in past posts are suppliers, preferences, and when choosing, key in on shipping rates. Again, thank you everyone for sharing what you guys know. whay a wealth of knowledge this site is!!! I'm still in awe of the flies you guys tie. Hopefully, one day I'll post one of mine, but right now there's a lot unwinding & cussing. That part of soldering I don't think will ever leave me!
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